Renfrewshire Council

Howwood Community Council

Who to contact about Howwood Community Council, meetings and what financial support the Community Council gets.

For information on Howwood Community Council, contact Dave Cooper (secretary) at:

42 Linister Crescent


Howwood Community Council meetings will take place at Howwood Village Hall, Station Road, Howwood, at 7.30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

There are no Howwood Community Council meetings in July or August.

Please contact the secretary at the details as above to confirm meeting dates.

Financial support from Renfrewshire Council

The council provides an annual administrative allowance to community councils to help with basic running costs. This is fixed at £600 per annum with an additional 3p per head of population, as detailed below:

Council      Flat Rate    Population    £0.03p per head    Total administrative allowance

Howwood   £600            1798               £54                         £654