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Community council elections

What community councils do, which areas are still seeking nominations, how often elections occur, and how many members each community council can have

Community councils are a voice for local people

A community council is a group of local people who volunteer to help improve the area they live in and the public services they use. Usually meeting monthly, they find out residents' views on issues and share those views with organisations that deliver services in the area—for example, Renfrewshire Council, the NHS, Police Scotland, and local businesses.

Community councils also act as a focal point for community activity. They organise galas and events, deliver local community improvement projects, and mobilise community efforts to reduce the effects of severe winter weather.

Renfrewshire has 25 distinct community council areas, with 21 currently having an active community council that represents all residents within their area.

Two community councils are still seeking candidates

The most recent community council elections took place in August and September 2023. The first meetings for the re-established councils will take place from October 2023.

Two community councils didn't receive the minimum number of nominations in order to re-establish. These community councils are:

Both of these community councils require a minimum of 10 members.

We've extended the nomination period for these two community councils by six months, until 15 March 2024.

You must submit a nomination form [98KB] to become a candidate for election as a member of one of these community councils. As part of your application, you'll also need two sponsors; more details are in the nomination form.

If you're not a current member and want to be a candidate for election to the community councils in Foxbar & Brediland or Hawkhead & Lochfield, send your completed, signed nomination form to:

The Election Office

Democratic Services

Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley


You can also email your completed form, which you must sign in ink, to:

If either community council receives the required minimum of valid nominations at any point before 15 March 2024, then that community council will re-establish as soon as possible after that point.

If a community council doesn't receive enough nominations, then it will be disbanded.


You can become a candidate for election to your local community council if you:

  • are aged 16 or over
  • live in the community-council area
  • are registered to vote.

Only Foxbar & Brediland and Hawkhead & Lochfield are still accepting nominations.

Community council elections occur every four years

Renfrewshire Council organises community council elections every four years. During elections, all current members must stand down and can seek re-election.

What happens after a community council election

After an election, Renfrewshire Council will verify the eligibility of all candidates before publishing an election-results notice.

Newly-elected community council members will then be invited to attend the first meeting of the new community council.

Minimum and maximum members for each community council

Each community council has a set minimum and maximum number of members.

If a community council receives more nominations than their maximum number of members, we'll hold a ballot election. If the number of nominated candidates falls between the minimum and maximum, then those candidates will be elected unopposed.

If there aren't enough nominations for a particular community council, that community council won't re-establish. We'll then call for more nominations.

Charleston, Glenburn, Gallowhill, and Hunterhill don't currently have active community councils. Contact us at if you're interested in establishing a community council in these areas.

Active community councils in Renfrewshire

Active community councils in Renfrewshire
Community councilMinimum membersMaximum members
Bridge of Weir721
Foxbar & Brediland1030
Hawkhead & Lochfield1030
Paisley East & Whitehaugh1030
Paisley North1030
Paisley West & Central1030