Renfrewshire Council

Making an insurance claim against the council

Making an insurance claim through your insurance company or directly to the council, what happens with your claim, how long it takes, liability, if you claim benefits, if you are in debt to the Council.

Making an insurance claim through your insurance company

If you make a claim through your own insurer, your insurer will most likely cover your loss on a 'new for old basis'. They will then look to recover the costs from the council. 

If the council is legally liable for your loss, your insurer will recover both their own costs and any excess payment you have made to them. 

Your premium payments should not be affected if the council is found to be legally liable for your loss.

Making an insurance claim directly to the council

We can only review a claim from a member of the public if we receive a formal public liability claim form. We do not take details over the phone.

You must read and complete our public liability claim form [186KB] if you are making a claim for compensation directly to the council.

You will need to tell us:

  • The claimant details - mandatory
  • The claimant's legal representative or agent - only if relevant
  • Details of the incident - mandatory
  • Other information relating to the incident - only if relevant
  • Property damage - mandatory if it is a claim for property loss or damage
  • Decoration - mandatory if it is a claiming for damage to decoration
  • The claimant's insurer details - mandatory if the claim is for vehicle damage or damage to property or redecoration
  • The injury - mandatory if it's an injury claim.

You'll also need to sign and date the claim and complete the checklist for any claims you send to us.

Return the form to us by email at or post it to:

Insurance Claims
Business Services 
Renfrewshire Council
Renfrewshire House
Cotton Street
Paisley PA1 1LQ

If you want to make a claim or report an issue with a trunk road or a motorway, you will need to contact AMEY, who manage Scotland's South-West Trunk Roads Network.

See the list of trunk roads and motorways AMEY are responsible for.

What happens with your claim

When we receive your claim form, we log and assign it a council claim reference number.

We then pass it to our insurers or appointed claims handler. 

The insurer or claims handler reviews the claim and decides as to whether the council is legally liable for the loss.

You will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your claim either from either:

  • Zurich Municipal (our insurer)
  • Gallagher Bassett International (GBI) - a claims handling company.

After your claim has been processed, you'll get a second letter telling you the outcome of your claim.

How long a claim may take

For injury claims, where the sum claimed is up to £25,000, the process should take no more than 90 days for a decision to be made on whether compensation is offered or not. It may take longer for injury claims above £25,000.

For claims not involving injuries, the process should be less than 90 days.

However, all claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis. It will also depend on if the claim is complex or received at a time when where there are higher volumes of claims.


If the council is legally liable for your loss, our liability is limited to the value of the loss immediately before the incident. 

Payments will not be made on a 'new for old basis', which your own insurers may offer you.

If you claim benefits

If you claim benefits, any payment made to settle your claim might affect your benefits payments. You must declare any settlement that is paid to you.

If you are in debt to the council

The council may use the payment of a claim to recover any current debt that you may owe to Renfrewshire Council, such as any council tax arrears.