Renfrewshire Council

Make a petition to the Petitions Board

Petitions allow members of the public to raise issues of concern with the council either as individuals or on behalf of an organisation.

Councillors cannot submit petitions but everyone else is free to do so. 

As long as the petitions comply with our petition procedures [19KB] , they'll be considered by the council's Petitions Board at the first available meeting.

Petitions should be concerned with the functions of the council or issues which are of concern to some or all Renfrewshire residents.

Petitions may therefore, relate to services provided by other bodies such as the police and health board. However, petitioners should recognise that the council's Petitions Board has limited influence over these bodies.

Petitions will be considered at specified ordinary meetings of the board and will be open to members of the press and public. 

How to make a petition

Use the  Petitions form [124KB]  to submit a petition.

Information for putting forward petitions to the Petitions Board [196KB] .

You can see the Petitions Board on the Council Committee website.