Renfrewshire Council

Interpretation and translation

Renfrewshire Council has a contract with Language Line Ltd to provide free telephone interpreting services. This is a 24 hour service with access to around 150 languages, and is intended to assist non-English speaking clients in accessing council services.

This kind of telephone interpreting is best suited to shorter periods of contact with the council, whereas longer periods of contact, for example, a meeting, might need an interpreter to attend. If a client feels the need to have an interpreter present when dealing with the council, then the council will arrange this for them free of charge.

Renfrewshire Council also makes sure that documents are available in large print, audio, Braille or alternative languages when requested.

When browsing the council website, foreign language speakers are invited to use Google translate or Babelfish web services which translate the pages on the site into other languages. Translations from these sites will not generally be perfect, but they should make most of the content understandable.