Renfrewshire Council

Equality Impact Assessments (EQIA)

An equality and human rights impact assessment (EQIA) is a systematic way of taking equality, diversity and human rights into consideration when making a decision.

We complete EQIAs for three good reasons:

  • It helps us meet our public sector equality duty, as part of complying with the Equality Act 2010
  • It is good practice in policy and strategy development. The process helps us to ensure that disadvantaged groups are not further disadvantaged by the policies and strategies we adopt. 
  • It offers opportunity for stakeholder involvement in council decisions. 

The EQIA process

The Equality Impact Assessment is a two-part process which involves initial screening of the strategy or policy framework. Then, if required, a full Equality Impact Assessment will be undertaken. A full assessment is required if the initial screening identifies that any of the equality groups would be negatively affected by the plan, policy or strategy.

See links below for individual Equality Impact Assessments.