Renfrewshire Council

Gypsies and travellers

Gypsies and travellers have been in Scotland for many centuries and still retain their own cultures and customs.

The term 'gypsy/traveller' refers to distinct groups (such as Romany Gypsies, Scottish and Irish Travellers) who regard the travelling lifestyle as being part of their ethnic identity.

There are also other types of traveller, such as occupational travellers and New Age travellers: distinct groups who do not regard themselves as gypsies/travellers.

In Scotland today, many gypsies/travellers live on authorised council sites, while others live on private sites or roadside encampments. Access to health, education and social services can be difficult for gypsies/travellers therefore it is important that they have equality of access to the Renfrewshire Council services and know how to access these services during their stay in Renfrewshire.

A working group has been established, members of which will act as the nominated gypsy/traveller liaison officers on behalf of their service/community planning partner, and will be the first point of contact for community services.