Renfrewshire Council

How to apply for Celebrating Renfrewshire Funding

What information we need, when to apply, how we will assess your application, applying to more than one Local Partnership area.

What information we need

You need to tell us:

  • basic information about your organisation and it's governance arrangements
  • a detailed description of your project including timelines
  • the costs associated with your project
  • the costs you are applying for
  • the outputs and outcomes of your project and how these will be measured

Your application needs to include:

If it's a new organisation, you should submit estimates of income and expenditure for the first 12 months. 

You can also include any other relevant reports or information to support your application like media coverage, press cuttings, images, past publicity materials, reviews or letters of support, in PDF file format where possible. 

Apply for Celebrating Renfrewshire

Read the detailed guidance on this page on completing the Celebrating Renfrewshire application form before applying.

Apply for Celebrating Renfrewshire

When to apply

Applications open from Tuesday 7 May 2024.

The fund will remain open until Monday 27 May 2024.

Voting for the fund will take place throughout June, with an announcement event expected to take place at the end of June.

Guidance for completing the application form

Section 1Organisation Details

Name of Organisation
This should be the same name that appears on your Constitution. Please note your Constitution, annual accounts and bank accounts must all be in the same name. If you are a school, your parent council must apply on your behalf.

Address of Organisation
This is the registered address of your organisation.

Contact Name
This person should have authority to submit the application for the organisation and be contactable throughout the duration of the application process.

Position in Organisation
This should be the role of the person within the organisation, such as the chairperson, secretary, or another position.

Contact Number and Email
The main contact should be easily contactable with these details.

Group Guarantor
An application can be made by an individual or a group who are not constituted but they must have a guarantor in the form of a constituted group who have a bank account in the name of the group. If you are an individual and you need help to identify a constituted group to work with then please contact Engage Renfrewshire or Renfrewshire Council for support.

Organisation or Group aims
Provide a brief statement—no more than 100 words—of the overall purpose of your organisation.

Your legal status
Please tick all that apply.

Past Celebrating Renfrewshire Funding
Please confirm if you have received Celebrating Renfrewshire Funding last year. If yes, please tell us if you have submitted an evaluation of last year's project. If not, you should contact the Celebrating Renfrewshire team.

Please confirm you have the documents by ticking each box that applies—you will be asked to produce these if your application is successful.

Care Experienced Community

Renfrewshire Council, along with its partners, is working to improve opportunities for Care Experienced children, young people, adults, and families, as part of our commitment to #KeepThePromise.

For more information on Renfrewshire's approach to The Promise, email

If your project benefits Care Experienced community, you should indicate what you can do to support them specifically. Your application must encourage equality of opportunity.

Child Protection

Please confirm if your organisation has a child protection policy or is PVG registered.

Local Partnership Area
Please tick the partnership area in which you will deliver your project. If you are applying to more than one Local Partnership, you will need to repeat this step for each Local Partnership you are applying to. The amount you are applying for from each Local Partnership area must add up to the total amount you are requesting from the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund.

Section 2Project Proposal

Name of Project
Please tell us the name of your project.

Project Dates
Please tell us when you estimate your project to start and finish. The project must be completed by 31 March 2024.

Project Purpose
Please tell us the purpose of your project and how it meets the priorities for Celebrating Renfrewshire. This should include how the project will benefit young people in the community. Please use no more than 100 words.

Project Need
Please tell us how you identified the need for your project, such as using data or local plans. We would also like to hear how you have involved young people in the development of your project.

Project Summary
In this section, we encourage you to write a short summary that 'sells' your project idea using no more than 100 words. The decision making for this fund will use a participatory budgeting approach. This means that young people will vote on the projects they feel are needed in their community.

This section will be the key information young people are provided with to help them cast their vote(s).

Celebrating Renfrewshire Priorities
Please tell us how many of the priorities your project will contribute to. Tick all that apply.

Total Cost
This is the total cost of your project

Amount Requested
Please tell us how much you want from Celebrating Renfrewshire for your project. The maximum award is £3,500 from the Local Partnership you are based in, and £1,000 for any subsequent area applications.

If your project exceeds the maximum award, then please tell us how you plan to make up the outstanding amount.

Section 3Declaration

Section 3 should be completed on behalf of the organisation that is applying for the funding, and by someone who has the authority to submit the application. It should also identify a Young Referee who knows your organisation and supports the project idea for which you are applying.


Who to contact for help

If you would like support to assist you to complete your application you can contact Meagan Kirk on 01414871512, or direct your queries to