Renfrewshire Council

Who can apply to the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund

Who can apply for it.

A young person can apply on their own or as part of a group with other young people. All applications submitted by young people need to have the support of a voluntary or community organisation.

The voluntary or community organisation must:

  • be based in Renfrewshire
  • have a constitution
  • have a bank account
  • be managed by members of the community

If a young person needs help finding a suitable group to work with, the Youth Services team can help. 

Renfrewshire schools can apply through their parent council for a project that will benefit young people and the wider community as long as they have endorsement from their pupil councils.

Only one application per school parent council will be accepted.

It is the responsibility of each individual school to decide which application should go to a public vote. Schools will be required to evidence their work with the parent council and how they have involved young people as part of the process.

Some examples of evidence to include are:

  • signature of young people involved (along with their name and role on the application forms)
  • photos of the sessions
  • minutes of the planning meetings.

Any organisation that provides services to young people in Renfrewshire can apply.

Community Planning Partners can submit applications for funding, but they should not submit applications for projects that are regarded as core functions.

Services and teams run by Renfrewshire Council cannot apply.

Successful applicants must accept and comply with Renfrewshire Council's grant conditions. It is also expected that you report back on the impact the project has had once the funds are spent.