Renfrewshire Council

What Celebrating Renfrewshire Funding can be used for

What kind of projects we are looking for, what the funding can be used for, project priorities for 2024 applications.

What kind of projects we are looking for

You can apply to fund a project in any of Renfrewshire's 7 Local Partnership areas.

If you have a project that covers multiple areas, you will need to apply separately for each Local Partnership area involved. The maximum amount you can apply for to the Local partnership area where you are based is £3,500. Any subsequent applications can apply for a maximum of £1,000 in any other Local partnership area.

Please tick the box beside the Local Partnership area that you are applying under and enter how much funding you are applying for from that Local Partnership.

The amount you apply for under each Local Partnership area must add up to the total amount you are requesting from the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund.

Each application must outline specifically how young people will benefit from the project in that area.

We are looking for projects and ideas that will:

  • benefit young people aged 12-25 years
  • demonstrate real benefit to the local area by improving or complementing existing service provision
  • encourage equality of opportunity
  • contribute to one or more of the priorities selected by local young people
    • mental and physical wellbeing
    • cost of living
    • employability and life skills
    • staying safe
    • substance use and addiction
    • violence-diversionary projects for young people


What are the priorities for 2024?

  • Mental and physical wellbeing
    • projects which can allow young people to create friendships which will support their wellbeing
    • projects providing a safe place to talk openly and share views/ideas
  • Cost of living
    • projects which can help provide young people with food and clothing
    • projects which provide a warm space for young people to get together
    • help with financial problems through financial education
  • Employability and life skills
    • help with writing CVs/cover letters
    • how to open bank accounts and dealing with everyday bills etc
    • projects providing help to apply for further education
    • projects to help give young people access to driving
    • support for school leavers to gain access to the workplace
  • Staying safe
    • projects educating young people on how to be safe in the community and online
    • safe youth drop ins which are inclusive places to talk openly and share views/ideas
  • Substance use and addiction
    • projects educating young people about the harm caused by vaping and substance use
    • courses or training sessions on mindfulness or safety and harm reduction tactics
    • projects for young people to escape substance use at home and talk openly
  • Violence-diversionary projects for young people
    • empowerment delivering solutions, options and tools for young people and the communities affected by street conflict
    • enforcement and disruption - diverting young people away from harm and safeguarding individuals and communities


What the funding cannot be used for

Funding cannot be used for:

  • activities that have already happened
  • total organisation running costs - however you can apply to part fund these
  • projects that exist mainly to further religious or political beliefs
  • trips abroad or hospitality to other organisations

Applications that include staff costs will be welcomed, but this is capped at a maximum of 60% of the total amount requested. The remaining 40% must be project costs.

Awards from Celebrating Renfrewshire are one-off and are not intended to provide ongoing funding for the same, or similar activities on an annual basis.