Renfrewshire Council

The voting process

How the voting stage works, how to access the voting platform, how to vote.

In June, young people aged 12 to 25 who live in Renfrewshire can vote on what projects they want to see delivered in their Local Partnership area.

Voting will take place on the Young Scot website using their online voting platform.

Information on each project will be available in advance to make sure everyone can make an informed choice.

Young people will need to have a Young Scot card or a temporary number in order to gain access to their local partnership voting platform.

They will need to choose one partnership area that they want to vote on. This can be based on where they live there or an area where they use services.

Young people will have 3 votes to choose the top 3 projects they feel are needed in their local area.

Projects with the most high-ranking votes will be allocated their funding.

The voting results will then be announced at a voting event organised by young people.

As a thank you for taking part, young people can collect Young Scot Rewards points by watching and reading about the projects on the run up to voting and by casting votes.