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Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund

The Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund - by young people, for young people - gives you, as a young person, a voice in your community and lets you decide how to make living as a young person in Renfrewshire better.

Through youth participatory budgeting, young people have come together to set out what the fund should be spent on and how it will benefit their fellow young people in Renfrewshire.

All you need to do is come up with an idea, fill out an application and your peers will vote on what they believe will make the biggest difference to their area.

On this page:

Who can apply?

We want to hear lots of different ideas, to benefit young people aged 12-25.

If an individual young person or group of young people have an idea, they can apply but they must have the support of a constituted voluntary or community group to submit their application. We can help find a group that might be able to help where this is the case.

Renfrewshire schools with endorsement of their pupil councils can apply through their parent council for a project which will benefit young people and the wider community. Only one application per school parent council will be accepted. It is the responsibility of the school to decide which application should go to a public vote. Schools will be required to evidence their work with the parent council and youth involvement in the process. Some examples of evidence include young people's signature with their name & role on the application forms, photos of the sessions and minutes of the planning meetings.

Organisations that provide services to young people in Renfrewshire can apply.

Community Planning Partners can submit applications for funding, but Council services cannot. Community Planning Partners should not submit applications for projects that are regarded as core functions.

Successful applicants must accept and comply with the Council's grant conditions. It is also expected that you report back on the impact the project has had once the funds are spent.

What can be funded?

You can apply for up to £3000 from each Local Partnership.

You can apply in each of the 7 Local Partnership areas. A separate application must be completed for each area outlining specifically how the young people will benefit from the project in each area.

Projects should contribute to one or more of the following priorities:

  • Mental and physical wellbeing
    • Allow young people to create friendships which support their wellbeing
    • Provide a safe space to talk openly and share views/ideas
  • Cost of living
    • Help provide young people with food and clothing
    • Help young people manage better by providing training
    • Help with financial problems through financial education
  • Employability and life skills
    • Help with writing CVs/cover letters
    • Guidance on how to open a bank account and dealing with everyday bills
    • Help to apply for college and uni
    • Help young people get access to driving
  • Culture
    • Arts and music projects
    • Help young people learn about the local area and heritage
    • Represent other cultures
  • Community and road safety
    • Raise awareness for road safety
    • Educational support for young people around the dangers of using substances and vapes
    • Supporting people to feel safe in their community
    • Raise awareness of issues in the community

All projects should encourage equality and opportunity.

Celebrating Renfrewshire cannot fund:

  • Organisations total running costs (you can apply for part funding of these)
  • Projects that exist mainly to further religious or political beliefs
  • Trips abroad or hospitality to other organisations
  • Activities that have already taken place

If you received funding from Celebrating Renfrewshire in year 21/22, you MUST submit an evaluation of last years project before you can submit your application for 22/23.

Grants must be spent within this financial year.

Celebrating Renfrewshire is not intended to provide ongoing funding for the same or similar activities on an annual basis.


In September all young people aged 12-25 who live in Renfrewshire can vote on what projects they want to see delivered in their Local Partnership area. Voting will take place via an online voting platform. Information on the projects that can be voted on will be available in advance to make sure everyone can make an informed choice. Young people will need to know their postcode in order to gain access to their local partnership voting platform.

Young people will choose a partnership area in which they'd like to vote.  They can only choose one partnership area.  This can be based on whether they live there or use services there.

  • Each young person will be asked to vote in order of preference (e.g., 1 top choice, 2,3,4 etc)
  • Projects with the most high-ranking votes will be allocated their funding.
  • The voting results will then be announced at a voting event which will be organised by young people.

As a thank you for taking part, young people can collect Young Scot Rewards points by watching and reading about the projects on the run up to voting and by casting votes.

Key Dates

  • Applications open - 16 September 2022
  • Application deadline - 2 October 2022
  • Voting period - To be announced
  • Announcement event - To be announced

How to apply

The online application form is available here - Celebrating Renfrewshire Application 2022

You can also download a paper copy from the Related Documents section of this page and return the completed application to:

Community Planning
2nd Floor
Renfrewshire House
Cotton Street

Guidance for completing the application form


Section 1 - Organisation Details

Name of Organisation
This should be the same name that appears on your Constitution. Please note your Constitution, annual accounts and bank accounts must all be in the same name.

Address of Organisation
This is the registered address of your organisation

Contact Name
This person should have authority to submit the application for the organisation and be contactable throughout the duration of the application process

Position in Organisation
This should be the role of the person within the organisation - ie chairperson, secretary etc

Contact Number and Email
The main contact should be easily contactable with these details

Group Guarantor
An application can be made by an individual or a group who are not constituted but they must have a guarantor in the form of a constituted group who have a bank account in the name of the group. If you are an individual and you need help to identify a constituted group to work with then please contact Engage Renfrewshire or Renfrewshire Council for support.

Organisation or Group aims
Provide a brief statement - no more than 100 words - of the overall purpose of your organisation.

Your legal status
Please tick all that apply

Past Celebrating Renfrewshire Funding
Please confirm if you have received Celebrating Renfrewshire Funding last year. If yes, please tell us if you have submitted an evaluation of last year's project. If not, you should contact the Community Planning team.

Please confirm you have the documents by ticking each box that applies - you will be asked to produce these if your application is successful.

Local Partnership Area
Please tick the partnership area in which you will deliver your project. Please choose only one.


Section 2 - Project Proposal

Name of Project
Please tell us the name of your project

Project Dates
Please tell us when you estimate your project to start and finish. The project must be completed by 31 March 2023

Project Purpose
Please tell us the purpose of your project and how it meets the priorities for Celebrating Renfrewshire. This should include how the project will benefit young people in the community. Please use no more than 100 words.

Project Need
Please tell us how you identified the need for your project - ie using data or local plans. We would also like to hear how you have involved young people in the development of your project.

Project Summary
In this section we encourage you to write a short summary that 'sells' your project idea using no more than 100 words. The decision making for this fund will use a participatory budgeting approach. This means that young people will vote on the projects they feel are needed in their community. This section will be the key information young people are provided with to help them cast their vote(s).
You are encouraged to create a short landscape video (no more than 90 seconds long) outlining your application so voters can see and hear from you, so please consider this when you start to apply. Videos can be uploaded to your groups YouTube channel, if you have one, and the link can be sent to

Celebrating Renfrewshire Priorities
Please tell us how many of the priorities your project will contribute to. Tick all that apply.

Total Cost
This is the total cost of your project

Amount Requested
Please tell us how much you want from Celebrating Renfrewshire for your project. The maximum award is £3000 per Local Partnership Area

If your project exceeds the maximum award, then please tell us how you plan to make up the outstanding amount.


Section 3 - Declaration

Section 3 should be completed on behalf of the organisation that is applying for the funding, and by someone who has the authority to submit the application. It should also identify a Young Referee who knows your organisation and supports the project idea for which you are applying.

Key Contacts

If you have any questions about what can, or cannot be funded, please contact the Community Planning team by email -

If you would like support to assist you to complete your application you can contact John Kennedy on 07775821856, or by email -

For assistance identifying a guarantor, you can contact John Kennedy as above or Engage Renfrewshire - 0141 887 8808 or


Updated 16 September 2022