Renfrewshire Council

If you get Sustainable Communities Funding

Conditions of the grant, the Fair Work First criteria, how we will pay the grant, evaluation of your project.

Conditions of the grant

If your organisation is awarded funding, we'll make grant payments by BACS transfer to the organisation's bank details included in your application. 

We will not make payments to individual or personal accounts.

You cannot transfer the grant to another organisation or entity.

We may ask for receipts or invoices as evidence the grant has been spent as detailed in your project application or when it has been spent.

The Fair Work First criteria

If we award you a grant, you must follow the Fair Work First criteria to:

  • pay at least the real Living Wage if it applies to your project
  • provide appropriate channels for effective workers' voice, such as trade union recognition.

You are also encouraged to meet the other criteria of Fair Work First as outlined on the Scottish Government website.

How we will pay the grant

For grants between £1,000 and £10,000

We'll make grant payments subject to: 

  • satisfactory compliance procedures as outlined in the grant conditions
  • scrutiny of any grant claims, receipts or invoices.

Once you've agreed to the conditions, we'll usually pay the grant in one or two instalments.

For grants of £10,000 or more

We'll make grant payments subject to: 

  • satisfactory compliance with the bookkeeping and accounts procedures as outlined in the grant conditions
  • scrutiny of any grant claims, receipts or invoices

Once you've agreed to the conditions, we'll arrange a schedule of grant payments, which may be paid in advance.

Evaluation of your project

When your project has been completed, you'll need to show us it's outputs and outcomes. 

This will help measure the difference that sustainable communities funding has made in your community.


Outputs are the tangible results of an activity, service or project. They show the completion of your project's activities.

You'll need to show us outputs like:

  • an organisation receiving financial support
  • a new community improvement scheme
  • new or improved facilities in the community
  • support, training or capacity building for local activities or events
  • installation of new low or zero carbon infrastructure
  • a community asset transferred to community control.


Outcomes are the overall impact or value created by your project. They show how you've achieved your project's objectives.

You'll need to show outcomes like:

  • an increase in capacity within community organisations and management (number of organisations)
  • how many new jobs were created
  • increase in knowledge and skills, like climate change or community food growing (number of people trained)
  • improved perception of facilities and amenities (number of people)
  • increase in users of facilities or amenities (number of people)
  • increase in community engagement and participation (number of people)
  • increase in social well-being (percentage)
  • increase in public health and mental wellbeing (percentage)
  • increase in environmental wellbeing (number of initiatives).

We will let you know how you can tell us about your project's outputs and outcomes.