Renfrewshire Council

Who can apply for Sustainable Communities Funding

Who can apply for it, applying to fund a Community Asset Transfer.

Who can apply for it

A community or voluntary organisation can apply if it:

  • is based in Renfrewshire 
  • has a constitution
  • has a bank account
  • the business of the organisation is managed by members of the community.

Community asset transfers

Community Asset Transfer is where responsibility for an asset, like a building or site, is transferred from the Council to a community group or voluntary organisation.

If you're looking at the feasibility of a Community Asset Transfer, your organisation doesn't need to be a Community Transfer Body.

However, if you're applying for funding towards a Community Asset Transfer, or developing a transferred community asset, your organisation must be eligible as a Community Transfer Body. 

It's not a requirement for applying for this fund, but your organisation should be working towards this status.

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