Renfrewshire Council

What Sustainable Communities Funding can be used for

What kind of projects we are looking for, what the funding can be used for, revenue and capital projects.

What kind of projects we are looking for

We are looking for projects and ideas that will:

  • tackle issues like isolation, food insecurity, healthy eating, health inequalities and fuel poverty
  • improve public health and access to services, green spaces and social activities
  • develop or regenerate community assets and infrastructure
  • increase accessibility and inclusivity to services and places and participation in activities
  • act on climate change.

Potential projects could include:

  • equipment for community initiatives like bike repairs, tools for hire or community kitchens
  • enhancements to local biodiversity through planting projects, growing grounds or community gardens
  • infrastructure or equipment to improve or restore community spaces
  • small scale sustainable travel and renewable energy projects
  • restoration or development of a building, unoccupied shop or premises
  • looking into community asset transfers
  • recruitment, training and retention of volunteers.

What the funding can be used for

Funding is based on revenue, capital or both. 

Revenue funding

Revenue funding can be used for: 

  • certain types of one-off costs, such as professional fees, marketing, feasibility studies or business plans
  • recurring costs such as salaries and overheads - however, this does not cover reoccurring costs after the first year.

Examples of revenue projects:

  • supporting, recruiting or retaining volunteers
  • providing relevant training for roles in local energy advice, local food growing, community tool hire stations, repair hubs and workshops, led walks or bike rides.
  • business planning, surveys or feasibility studies for a community asset transfersor the development of an asset
  • hiring more staff or getting advisors or consultants to help with a project
  • premises costs, like venue hire, for events to improve community cohesion or tackle loneliness and isolation
  • information, awareness and engagement with local communities in Renfrewshire on the climate emergency.

Capital funding

Capital funding is for specific one-off costs, like building works, refurbishment or setting up a project with tools, equipment, furniture, technology or energy saving devices.

Examples of capital projects:

  • restoration and development of existing buildings
  • costs of new build projects
  • equipment for community tool hire stations, bike repairs or refrigeration for community kitchens
  • infrastructure to improve community spaces, like energy efficiency appliances, outdoor gym equipment or containers and planters for growing food.

Revenue and capital funding

Some projects may be a combination of revenue and capital. 

Examples of combined revenue and capital projects:

  • new models of land use which will improve quality, dignity or sustainability, like community gardens or growing spaces
  • enhancing local biodiversity and natural habitats, like planting projects or nature corridors

You will need to specify if you're looking for revenue or capital funding, or both, when you apply for funding.