Renfrewshire Council

How much Sustainable Communities Funding you can apply for

How much you should apply for, small, intermediate and large awards, applications for more than £100,000, funding subsidies.

How much you should apply for

There are 3 tiers of funding you can apply for, depending on the size and scope of your project proposal.

If you're applying for intermediate or large funding amounts, we'll need additional information for the higher level of funding you're applying for.

Small awards up to £10,000

Small awards could be used for:

  • purchase of small items of equipment
  • looking into projects to restore or regenerate property
  • community engagement like surveys, information sessions or events
  • climate change interventions.

Intermediate awards between £10,000 and £25,000

Intermediate awards could be used for:

  • feasibility studies or business plans for property developments or community asset transfers
  • project management costs.

We'll also consider applications for small capital investment in equipment or preparing your organisation for community asset transfer set up costs.

Large awards up to £100,000

Large awards may be awarded to organisations or groups who plan to take ownership or redevelop land or buildings in their local community.

Applications for more than £100,000

We may consider grants for more than £100,000 if:

  • it's a significant capital project with a robust business case
  • the organisation successfully brings external funding into Renfrewshire
  • the organisation can show wide community engagement t support of its project, including strong local relationships and partnerships in the area
  • the organisation is recognised as a key strategic partner for Renfrewshire Council
  • the organisation has a formal Strategic Partnership Agreement in place.

Funding subsidies

Some funding may qualify as a subsidy under the UK Government Subsidy Control Regime

A subsidy is where a public authority provides support to a business in a way that gives them advantage over a competitor.

If it does, you need to confirm if all the public grants your organisation has received in the last three years, including this fund, is less than £315,000.