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Housing Regeneration and Renewal Programme

Information on the Council's Housing Regeneration and Renewal Programme

We are taking forward a £100m ten-year Housing Regeneration and Renewal Programme aimed at delivering modern, high quality, energy-efficient and affordable council housing throughout Renfrewshire, and creating nicer places to live.

The first phase of the programme will focus on eight areas across Paisley, Renfrew and Johnstone. It will see a mix of investment to improve existing buildings and the common areas around them, with potential demolition and new-builds in some areas.

During summer and autumn 2021, we conducted an in-depth survey with residents in the eight areas to establish your views on the initial proposals for your area, and on what you think of your area as a place to live. The proposals were refined based on what you told us, and councillors on the Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board approved those revised proposals in January.

The changes to the proposals meant some additional addresses in Howwood Road, Auchentorlie and Howard Street have been added to the list being considered for demolition. If this applies to your property, we will have contacted you directly during February 2022 to capture your views on the revised proposals.

See the plans for your area

You can see the content of the current proposals for each of the eight areas below. All affected residents should also (on or around Monday 14 February 2022) have received a printed copy of the updated proposals for their area through the post.

You can read more information on the programme and what it means for you here.

How to get in touch

If you have any questions in the meantime, our staff are keen to hear from you, and you can reach us in the following ways:

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