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Renfrewshire Council City Deal Team (the 'Applicant') is intending to apply to Renfrewshire Council, Glasgow City Council, West Dunbartonshire Council and Marine Scotland (the competent authorities) for planning permission for the proposed infrastructure and associated works for the Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside project.

Whilst it is not a statutory requirement, as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, the applicant wishes to seek a Scoping Opinion from Renfrewshire Council (and Glasgow City Council, West Dunbartonshire Council and Marine Scotland) under the provisions of Regulation 13 of the EIA Scotland Regulations 2011.   We welcome your views regarding the Environmental Scoping Report, which can be viewed and downloaded from the related document section of this page.

The proposed development comprises a number of infrastructure proposals that have been developed to meet the project.  The main elements of the project are:

  • a new opening bridge across the River Clyde (the "Bridge").  In addition to vehicular traffic/public transport, the bridge will accommodate pedestrian and cycle traffic;

  • the Renfrew Northern Development Road (RNDR), a single carriageway route connecting the junction of Kings Inch Road and Ferry Road to the north of Renfrew with the A8 Inchinnan Road between Renfrew and the Bascule Bridge over the White Cart Water, including a link to the southern road approach to the new Bridge;

  • new single carriageway road connections to the north of the Bridge to connect with the A814 Dumbarton Road/Glasgow Road at Dock Street, Yoker and a new road connection to the south of the bridge linking with the RNDR;

  • a new combined cycleway and footway to be constructed adjacent to all new sections of road infrastructure including across the new Bridge and along the existing section of A8 Inchinnan Road between the southern connection of the RNDR at Argyll Avenue and the Bascule Bridge. This will link to the proposals for non-motorised routes as part of the complementary Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA) project;

  • a strategy for Variable Message Signage (VMS) at indicative locations; and

  • landscaping of the proposals to integrate them with surrounding land uses including urban areas, the bridge landfall locations and an area of woodland at Blythswood.

This Scoping Report considers the potential environmental issues relating to the proposal and discusses which issues are likely to be significant.  It then provides an outline of how the EIA will deal with each of the issues raised, providing the scope for further desk based study and site surveys as required. 

Note: The deadline for 'scoping opinions' on the CWRR Scoping Report (which is in electronic pdf format within the related documents section of this page) closed on 1st December 2016.  The Scoping Report and the comments received as part of this process will now be used to develop the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as described above.

Update: Since the original Scoping Reports were submitted, there has been a number of changes to the proposed projects and the team have prepared a Scoping Update Note to provide information on these design changes and can be viewed here ( The deadline for providing an updated Scoping Opinion is 28 February 2017.

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