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#YouDecide - giving you the power over decision making

What #YouDecide is, how it works, submitting your ideas, what happens next, questions about #YouDecide.

We're giving you a say in how we spend our budget

The power of local knowledge can't be underestimated.

Of course, there are areas like education, health and social care, bin collections and housing investment that we need to allocate money for, but we're giving you the chance to use other areas of our budget make the improvements you know are needed in your community.

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What #YouDecide is

As part of Community Choices and our role in the Community Empowerment Act, we're required to allocate a portion of our budget for local communities to decide how it is spent - with eventually 1% of our total budget to be decided in this way.

#YouDecide is how we let you choose what projects will make the biggest difference to Renfrewshire.

This time, £1.2million is available for your ideas - taken from the Environment and Infrastructure service's budget (2020-2023) - and is available for you to spend on infrastructure projects across Renfrewshire.

How it works

Here's how the campaign works:

  • You submit your ideas (which you've now done!)
  • We examine what ones are possible and create a shortlist
  • We put it to a public vote
  • You pick the winning projects 
  • We do the work

Submitting your ideas

Jack Carlin and Cllr Michelle Campbell launch scheme Double Olympic medallist Jack Carlin (pictured with Cllr Michelle Campbell) helped us launch the scheme and as a passionate advocate of safe cycling routes, you can probably guess what he put forward.

Through social and local media, Community Councils, Local Partnerships, elected members, roadshows, radio and outdoor advertising, and postboxes at local community hubs, we asked you to submit your ideas for what you wanted improved.

Our aim was to reach as many people as possible to ensure that we get as many and as wide a range of suggestions as possible.

More than 2,800 ideas were submitted which is an incredible response.

The deadline of Sunday 14 November 2021 for ideas to be submitted has passed.

Our team are now assessing each idea and will carry out a feasibility study on each to identify if it would be possible.

We'll then compile a shortlist of all possible projects to put to a public vote.

You'll cast your votes to pick the ones you think are most needed in your community using the funding provided.

We'll announce the winners and then we'll carry out the work.

So stay tuned to all our channels and make sure you have your say on how this money is spent when the voting process opens.

Have any questions?

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