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Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund

What it is, who can apply, what things can be funded, the voting process, key dates, how to apply, guidance for completing the form, and people to contact.

The Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund is a fund for young people to give them a voice in the community and let them decide how to make living as a young person in Renfrewshire better.

Young people on the panel decided what priorities they have for the area through a process called youth participatory budgeting.

In 2023:

  • 126 project applications were submitted
  • 1683 individual young people voted
  • 5043 choices were made

You can view the Celebrating Renfrewshire results on the Young Scot portal.

The priorities for 2023 were:

Mental and physical wellbeing

  • support young people to create friendships and their wellbeing
  • provide a safe space to talk openly and share views and ideas

Cost of living

  • help provide young people with food and clothing
  • help young people manage better by providing training
  • help with financial problems through financial education

Employability and life skills

  • help with writing CVs or cover letters
  • give guidance on how to open a bank account and dealing with everyday bills
  • help to apply for college and university
  • help young people get access to driving

Climate Change

  • new models of land use that improve quality, dignity, or sustainability (community gardens, edible borders of fresh fruit and vegetables, tree planting, bird boxes and feeder)
  • equipment to enable services (tools for hire stations, bike repair essentials, other repair equipment, refrigeration for community kitchens)
  • support including local food growing advice (supplying planters, appropriate seeds, and plantings)

Drugs and Alcohol Prevention

  • new activities, such as group work sessions, and costs for purposeful activities (art classes, fishing trips, teen-only drop-ins and more)
  • courses or training sessions on practical topics (food safety, paying someone to teach mindfulness, safety, or harm reduction tactics to youth groups)

Violence-Diversionary projects for young people

  • empowerment delivering solutions, options and tools for young people and the communities affected by street conflict
  • enforcement and disruption diversion that help young people move away from harm, safeguarding individuals and communities

Key Contacts

If you have any questions about Celebrating Renfrewshire, please contact the Community Planning team by emailing

For information about other funding opportunities, please contact Engage Renfrewshire by calling 0141 887 7707 or emailing