Renfrewshire Council

Vehicle inspections for taxis and private hire cars

How often you need a vehicle inspection, how to book an inspection, how much it costs, safety procedures, preparing your vehicle for inspection.

Vehicle inspections for taxis and private hire cars are required in addition to the MOT test.

Inspections take place every 6 months for vehicles older than 5 years. Otherwise, inspections take place every 12 months.

If you are not sure when your test is due, contact

Book a vehicle inspection

You will receive an email with a receipt of payment and confirmation of the date, time and place of your vehicle inspection.

Inspection costs

Inspections are paid for at the time of booking, by credit or debit card.

Cost for taxi and private car hire vehicle inspections
Hackney type taxi inspection (including meter test)£83.25
Combined private hire or taxi inspection and MOT test£83.25
Private hire vehicle inspection£70.30
Taxi meter test £13.15

Opening times at Underwood Road

Monday to Friday: 7.15am-7.15pm (last test 6.30pm). You must arrive on time for your test.

Safety procedures at the inspection centre

We've introduced new safety procedures in line with Scottish Government guidance:

  • you must drop off your vehicle alone and wear a face mask and gloves
  • wait with your vehicle until the tester asks you to leave it
  • maintain a 2m distance from the tester
  • the tester will ask you to wipe all high contact areas within the vehicle with an antibacterial wipe. You must clean your vehicle before the inspection. If it has not been cleaned, we will not be able to complete the test but you will still be charged the full inspection fee
  • when the tester asks you, please leave your vehicle and go to the workshop's waiting room. If you prefer, you can leave the centre and return to collect your vehicle within 45 minutes of the appointment time.
  • the tester will use single use personal protective equipment (PPE) which is changed after every vehicle test. They will use disposal steering wheel covers, and seat covering and will thoroughly wipe down all high contact areas before and after the inspection with antibacterial wipes.

Your vehicle

Your vehicle should be in a safe and road worthy condition when you bring it to us for inspection.  The test is to ensure that it meets licensing conditions, not to highlight repairs required.

However, if there are obvious defects, for example to tyres or windscreen wipers, the vehicle will fail inspection and you will have to pay for the failed test and to re-apply.   

Access to Underwood Road

Traffic management restrictions are in place. You cannot turn right travelling east to west along Underwood Road. Please follow the traffic management signs in place.