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This personal story was published in November 2018.

Cherie and Graeme: Our regular week as foster carers

Cherie and Graeme are short term foster carers.

We are a family of six; two parents and three children, and we also foster a little boy who is five years old called Jack*.

Here's our regular routines.

Weekday routine

I drop my own children off at school first, then Jack goes to nursery. At around lunch time I go and collect him and we have one on one playtime before the rest of the children come home.

In the evening, I usually make the dinner while the children do their homework on the kitchen table and Jack just plays around while I cook. After dinner, Jack has bath time, followed by story time, then settles down to bed at around 7pm. He is a really good sleeper and gets up any time after 7am.

Our own children enjoy attending their after-school activities like swimming, rugby, piano lessons and badminton.

During the holidays we spend most of our time together with friends and family.

There's lots of play in the garden too, especially on the trampoline and having water fights! We also like to plan day trips too to the farm.

Weekend routine

At the weekend, we usually go for days out, either going for a drive, feeding the ducks, or doing some lovely walks round the area.

Contact with birth family

Jack has regular contact with his mum and settles down very quickly when he returns to our home.

We always have a wee talk about things with him when he comes back, but he very quickly wants to play with his toys! The social workers are very good with us in the sense that I drop him off and they would return him to us, and contact is made to fit in around our family schedule.

*Jack's name has been changed to protect his identity.

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