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This personal story was published in November 2018.

Sheila and Anne: It's a busy life being a foster carer, but we love it

Sisters Sheila Cairney and Anne Hill have opened their home and hearts to foster children

Sheila Cairney and her sister Anne Hill, who share a home in Ardrossan, started fostering in May last year.

Sheila, who has two step-grandchildren through her son's marriage, said: "It's a busy life but we love it.

"One of our first placements was siblings aged two and one. We were told the youngest child had an issue with their legs and couldn't walk. We had an old jumperoo baby bouncer and when we put them it, they squealed with delight and found their legs. It was a great moment."

Foster Care Anne & Sheila Sheila says it's important to be able to build relationships with the children's biological parents if they have contact and added: "You've got their children and they all react differently.

"But it's very rewarding - it's all the little things, like when you see them in their bed sleeping after a busy day.

"Just seeing them happy is so rewarding.."

The sisters looked after a child whose dad was in hospital and who was refused to let go his only torn picture of him.

She said: "We got the picture laminated and he thought this was fantastic and took it to bed with him every night."

They have had 24 children since last May, including the same child twice.

Sheila added: "I would say to anyone considering fostering to go for it. The only downside is I have an ironing pile like Mount Vesuvius, especially when we are caring for babies.

"The wee boy we are looking after just now is sitting up and learning to crawl and you don't want to miss any of it.

"It can be tiring but my sister and I are like a tag team and can't imagine doing anything else now."