Renfrewshire Council

Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate is an alternative to Council Tax Reduction. You can apply for Second Adult Rebate if you are responsible for paying the Council Tax and you share your home with other adults, who are 18 or over and have a low income. You can apply for grown up sons, daughters or other adults (but not your partner or boarder). It is based on the circumstances of the person(s) you share your home with and is not affected by your income or savings.  

How do I qualify

You may qualify for a Second Adult Rebate if the person you share your home with is:

  • aged 18 or over

  • on a low income

  • not your partner

  • not a boarder

  • not liable to pay Council Tax themselves

  • not a disregarded person for Council Tax purposes, for example a full time student

How to apply

You can now apply for Second Adult Rebate using MyAccount - the new way to use council services online. Click on the 'Apply for second adult rebate' button above.