Renfrewshire Council

Apply for a council tax reduction

To claim council tax reduction, you must:

  • be the person who pays the council tax for the property, if not you can't claim this reduction
  • you must live in the property you are applying for

If you are living with a partner, whether married or not, you will probably both be responsible for the same council tax bill. You should only make one application between you, which you both need to sign.

How to apply

You can apply for a council tax reduction by signing in or registering for a MyAccount. You only need an email address to register for a MyAccount.

How council tax reduction is awarded

The amount of council tax reduction you may receive depends on:

  • the amount of money coming into your household
  • the amount of any savings you, and your partner, have
  • your personal circumstances  - such as your children who live with you, if you have a disability disabled or if anyone else lives with you or you pay rent on the property 
  • the amount of your council tax bill

Council tax reduction is assessed using rules agreed by Parliament.

Other living costs

The council tax reduction awarded to you is to help with the cost of your council tax, not any other living costs.

 If you do pay rent you may also be entitled to housing benefit.

The maximum council tax reduction that can be awarded is 100% of your council tax charge.

Water and sewerage costs are not included. You must pay these yourself.