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Sheltered housing for older people

What sheltered housing is, features of our flats, , the sheltered housing officer service, very sheltered housing and more information about sheltered housing.

What sheltered housing is

Sheltered housing is specifically designed to meet the needs of older people who are aged 60 years or over. Our properties are easy to maintain and offer tenants the safety of living in a comfortable and secure environment. Our team understand the individual needs of all our tenants and work to support older people to live independently and be actively engaged with the wider community.

Our complexes have a communal lounge where social activities take place. These activities will vary between complexes and tenants are free to participate if they wish to do so.

We have ten complexes across Renfrewshire. Each complex contains between 14 and 42 self-contained homes. Our complexes are:

  • Gallacher Court, Paisley
  • Rowan Gardens, Paisley
  • Speirsfield Gardens, Paisley
  • Darkwood Court , Paisley
  • Springbank Complex, Paisley
  • Monkdyke House, Renfrew
  • Fulbar Court, Renfrew
  • Houston Court, Johnstone
  • The Oaks Complex, Johnstone
  • Altpatrick Gardens, Elderslie

Features of sheltered housing flats

Our flats usually have the following features:

  • Accessible for people with mobility problems.
  • Most flats are on the ground floor, though sheltered housing is also provided on the first and second floors at some complexes—with lifts available in most cases.
  • Each of our complexes has controlled entry and an emergency call system.
  • Our sheltered housing officers are mobile and on occasion work at more than one complex but will spend part of the day at your complex.
  • Our officers provide this service seven days a week from 8.00am until 2.00pm
  • When the sheltered housing officer is not in your complex they can still be contacted during their working hours, through the emergency call system.
  • We also have an emergency call centre if you require assistance outwith service hours.
  • Bathrooms are designed with safety in mind, and the doors can be opened from the outside in an emergency.
  • Light switches are lowered, and sockets are raised to make them easier to use.
  • Each complex has a communal lounge for everyone to come together. As well as hosting our own sheltered housing activities, we often host events by organisations and groups working in the local community.
  • Several of our complexes have extra facilities that you can utilise, like laundry or a guest flat. Guest flats are for your visiting relatives or friends, and where possible should be booked in advance. There is a small charge per night for the guest room.

More information about each complex is available when you apply. 

The sheltered housing officer service

Our Sheltered Housing Officers provide a wide range of services to assist tenants to live as independently as possible. Here is a summary of the sheltered housing officers' main duties:

What our officers can do:

  • Respond to emergencies
  • Carry out morning checks, if you wish, to make sure you are well
  • Make sure the emergency alarm system is always working
  • Encourage and support you to participate in social activities  
  • Ensure all information regarding you is kept confidential and only shared with others you have agreed to 
  • Provide general assistance including supporting you to arrange minor repairs, helping you to fill in forms and assist you to contact other services 

What our officers cannot do

  • Help with medication
  • Do your shopping for you
  • Assist to prepare meals or snacks
  • Carry out financial transactions for you or look after your financial affairs
  • Assist you to get washed or dressed

If you need personal care services such as washing, dressing, or helping take medicine, our Health and Social Care Partnership may arrange for these services to be provided in your home. Speak to us if you think this is something you might need.

We know this can be a stressful time, so we have put a few helpful questions on the sheltered housing service below. 

How do I apply for the service?

You are enrolled to our sheltered housing service from the moment you move in. It is a service we offer as standard to all our tenants.

Do I have to pay for the service?

The charge for the sheltered housing service is up to a maximum of currently £12.96 per week in addition to your rent, although many tenants pay much less than this. We will carry out an assessment of your income to calculate how much, if anything, you may have to pay.

Do I pay for this charge along with my rent?

No, you will receive a separate bill every four weeks. We can reimburse you if any holidays or hospital stays exceed seven days.

Is there a charge for heating or laundrette?

There is a heating charge in all our sheltered housing complexes and laundrette charge in some of our complexes. Both heating and laundrette are separate from your rent charge.

Can I buy my sheltered house?

No, you are not able to buy your sheltered house, the right to buy for all Council and Housing Association tenants in Scotland ended on the 31st July 2016. 

Can I have pets in my sheltered house?

You must not keep any pets in the home or on any part of our property without our permission. Dogs other than assistance dogs are not allowed in multi-storey or sheltered homes. 

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with the team. Call 0300 300 0222. 


Very sheltered housing

This is sometimes known as 'care' and 'extra care' housing and generally has all the features of sheltered housing. However, residents are also provided with a greater level of care and support through additional warden cover, care in the home, and support with meals. This housing service is for residents who are frail or ill, and those who need extra support.Very sheltered housing in Renfrewshire is currently provided by housing associations and not Renfrewshire Council. 

More information about sheltered housing

For more information about locations and types of sheltered and very sheltered housing provided in Renfrewshire, please view our contact information for housing providers .

You must have a current application for housing with Renfrewshire Council, before you can be considered for a sheltered Council property.

If you would like to speak to someone about sheltered housing, please call 0300 300 0222 and select option 2.