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Local Housing Strategy

What is a Local Housing Strategy?

Covering all tenures and types of accommodation, the Local Housing Strategy is a key planning document that sets out Renfrewshire's strategic vision and priorities for the delivery of housing and housing related services. It also sets out the outcomes we want to achieve and the range of actions the Council and its partners will take to improve this over the next five years, whilst reflecting both national priorities and local needs.

What issues will the new Strategy cover?

Our current Local Housing Strategy for 2016-2021, set out seven strategic outcomes that it wanted to achieve:

  • The supply of housing is increased
  • Through targeted investment and regeneration activity, Renfrewshire has attractive and sustainable neighbourhoods and well-functioning town centres
  • People live in high quality, well managed homes
  • Homes are energy efficient and fuel poverty is minimised
  • Homelessness is prevented and vulnerable people get the advice and support they need
  • People are able to live independently for as long as possible in their own home
  • Affordable housing is accessible to people who need it.

These are informed by both local requirements and statutory requirements and often require us to achieve Scottish Government targets. The actual detail of how we aim to achieve these outcomes is within each section that relates to an outcome and the actions associated with them.

These strategic outcomes have been reviewed as part of the new Local Housing Strategy development to ensure their relevance and that they still reflect local circumstances and priorities.

Key Stages in the New Local Housing Strategy Development

Our new Local Housing Strategy has a series of key activities that will take place to ensure the strategy is developed involving a wide range of key stakeholders and Renfrewshire's communities.

The first stage was engaging with Renfrewshire residents and stakeholders to find out what people feel are the key issues and priorities for the new Local Housing Strategy. This was done by questionnaire, which was available to complete online or by email or post. This questionnaire ran from 16 November 2020 to 25 January 2021.

A summary of the Local Housing Strategy Customer Engagement Questionnaire responses was presented to the Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board on 16 March 2021.  This included a summary of the responses received from Registered Social Landlords in relation to the Key Stakeholder Questionnaire which ran at the same time. This summary document is available to view in the related documents to the right of this page.

All responses made in the questionnaire have been reviewed and taken into account during the preparation of the new draft Local Housing Strategy.  It is anticipated that a draft Local Housing Strategy will be published for full public consultation in early 2022 at which point local residents, partners and stakeholders will have the opportunity to feedback and contribute to the finalised Local Housing Strategy.

Following the 12-week consultation period, all comments and feedback will be reviewed and addressed as necessary.  We aim to present the final 5-year Local Housing Strategy to the Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board for approval in Summer 2022.

How you can be involved

As mentioned above, an online questionnaire was available from 16 November 2020 to 25 January 2021 for residents and stakeholders to submit their views on what they thought Renfrewshire's housing priorities for the next 5 years should be.  Thank-you to everyone who took time to tell us your views.

For our next key stage, we will provide information about our consultation on the draft Local Housing Strategy on this page, in winter 2021/22 and the opportunities for our residents and stakeholders to be involved. We will also promote this through other methods including direct mailing, social media and local press.

Previous plans, strategies and updates

You can read the current Local Housing Strategy 2016-2021, background papers and annual updates, as well as the current Strategic Housing Investment Plan in the related documents section of this page. 

For more information contact:

Place Strategy Team, Economy and Development, Chief Executive's Service, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley. PA1 1WB.