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What is the Local Housing Strategy?

Covering all housing tenures and types of accommodation, the Local Housing Strategy outlines Renfrewshire's strategic vision and priorities for the delivery of housing and housing-related services.

The strategy sets out the priorities we want to achieve and the range of actions the Council and its partners will take to deliver these over the next five years, whilst reflecting local needs.

Every council has to produce a five-year Local Housing Strategy for their area. It is a legal requirement of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.

We are working to produce our next Local Housing Strategy 2022-2027 and our 12-week consultation on the draft strategy ended on 13 June 2022.

You can read this draft strategy in the 'Related documents' section at the right hand side of this page, where you will also find a summary version.

What key issues does the new strategy cover?

Our draft Local Housing Strategy 2022-2027 proposes five strategic priorities, which the Council and partners seek to achieve over the next five years.

The proposed Strategic Priorities within the draft Local Housing Strategy 2022-2027 are:

  • Strategic Priority 1: The supply and delivery of housing is increased across all tenures to meet the housing needs of different groups and create attractive and sustainable places.
  • Strategic Priority 2: People live in high quality, well-managed homes in sustainable neighbourhoods.
  • Strategic Priority 3: Address the challenges of the climate emergency, delivering homes that are warm, energy efficient and fuel poverty is minimised.
  • Strategic Priority 4: Preventing and addressing homelessness with vulnerable people getting the advice and support they need.
  • Strategic Priority 5: People can live independently for as long as possible in their own home and the different housing needs of people across Renfrewshire are being met.

Consulting on the draft Local Housing Strategy 2022-2027

The 12-week consultation on the draft Local Housing Strategy has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultation.

We are considering all representations and preparing the final five-year Local Housing Strategy, which will be presented to the Communities and Housing Policy Board at a later date. Following this, it will be submitted to the Scottish Government for approval.

The final Local Housing Strategy 2022-2027 alongside supporting documentation, will appear on this page following Policy Board approval.

If you would like to view a copy of the Local Housing Strategy 2016-2021, including all associated background papers and annual updates, please email

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