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Local Housing Strategy

What the Local Housing Strategy is, the five strategic priorities, how to stay updated, and how to learn more

What Renfrewshire's Local Housing Strategy is

The Local Housing Strategy is the plan for the council and our partners to deliver high quality housing and housing-related services in Renfrewshire. It applies to all tenures (owned, rented, etc.) and enables us to meet identified housing needs across the region.

The Local Housing Strategy was approved at the council's Communities and Housing Policy Board on 31 October 2023.

The five strategic priorities for achieving our housing goals

We aim to achieve the strategy's goals through five strategic priorities. Each priority contains a range of actions that will support delivery over the next five years.

The five strategic priorities are:

  1. The supply and delivery of housing is increased across all tenures to meet the housing needs of different groups and create attractive and sustainable places.
  2. People live in high quality, well managed homes in sustainable neighbourhoods.
  3. Address the challenges of the climate emergency, delivering homes that are warm, energy efficient and fuel poverty is minimised.
  4. Prevention of homelessness and providing support for those in housing need.
  5. People can live independently for as long as possible in their own home and the different housing needs of people across Renfrewshire are being met.

Stay updated on the strategy's progress

Each year, we'll share an annual update on how we're progressing with the Local Housing Strategy's five strategic priorities.

You can view those updates on this page.

How we produced the Local Housing Strategy

Under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, we have a duty to prepare a five-year local housing strategy that's supported by an assessment of housing provision and related services in the area.

We produced the latest Local Housing Strategy following extensive consultation with local communities and partners throughout 2021 and 2022. We used what we learned during this consultation to develop the strategy, the five strategic priorities, and the strategy's action plan.

Other key documents that feed into the Local Housing Strategy

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