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Sheltered and very sheltered housing

What sheltered and very sheltered housing are, who provides sheltered housing in Renfrewshire, find out about about your housing options.

What sheltered and very sheltered housing are

Sheltered and very sheltered housing are forms of housing more user-friendly to older people than traditional houses or flats. 

They appeal to people who want to live independently but with the reassurance of knowing that assistance is available if needed.

Who provides sheltered housing in Renfrewshire

Sheltered housing providers in Renfrewshire
LandlordContact detailsType of housingNumber of  units
Bield Housing Association 0141 270 7200  
Houston Court, Johnstone* Retirement housing    29
Bridgewater Housing Association0141 812 2237  
Blantyre Court, Erskine Very Sheltered    40
Cullen, Erskine Sheltered    28
Park Mains, Erskine Sheltered    26
Rashielea Avenue Very Sheltered    26
Cairn Housing Association0141 353 1944  
Glentannar Court, Paisley Sheltered    37
Hanover Housing Association 0141 553 6300  
Kelburne Gardens, Paisley Sheltered    48
Wilson Street, Paisley Sheltered    34
Burnfoot Crescent, Paisley Sheltered    34
Montgomery Road, Paisley Very Sheltered    16
Ailsa Drive, Paisley Very Sheltered    24
Maree Road, Paisley Very Sheltered    24
Orchard Court, Renfrew Very Sheltered    15
Canal Street, Johnstone Sheltered    28
Walkinshaw Crescent/Street, Johnstone Very Sheltered    15
North Road, Johnstone Very Sheltered    24
The Glen, Main Street, Elderslie Sheltered    43
Linstone Housing Association   01505 382 383  
Newton Street, Paisley Sheltered    17
High Street / Walkinshaw Street, Johnstone Sheltered    31
Arnott Gardens, Kinnaird Drive, Linwood Very Sheltered    25
Renfrewshire Council0300 300 0222  
Fulbar Court, Renfrew Sheltered    20
Monkdyke House, Renfrew Sheltered    32
Altpatrick Gardens, Elderslie Sheltered    43
Houston Court, Johnstone Sheltered    14
The Oaks, Johnstone Sheltered    37
Gallacher Court, Paisley Sheltered    27
Springbank Complex, Paisley Sheltered    35
Speirsfield Gardens, Paisley Sheltered    34
Rowan Gardens, Paisley Sheltered    21
Darkwood Court, Paisley Sheltered    21

In addition to the above registered social landlords, Abbeyfield Society Ltd are a Scottish registered charity who offer housing for older people in Paisley. Abbeyfield Society has a development of 12 rooms in Paisley and can be contacted directly on 0141 889 9162 for more information.

You can view the latest inspection of these services on the Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) website.

Find out about about your housing options

If you are interested in a vacant property within one or more of these complexes, you should contact the landlord directly.

However, all customers who wish to apply for rented accommodation provided by Renfrewshire Council, are invited to discuss their housing options with a housing expert.

The discussion will include options that best suit each customer's housing need like:

  • council housing
  • other social housing providers
  • private landlords
  • owner occupation.

Prospective tenants are also given financial information and advice on other types of support available. If the best option is council housing, this will be done during the discussion which allows us to improve the way we match an applicant to a property.

Applicants for council housing will be assessed on the basis of housing need and placed into one of five groups, in accordance with our .

To make an appointment for a Housing Options interview, please contact one of our offices. See our contact details at the end of this page..