Renfrewshire Council

Applications for Extended Hours will require to be submitted via the Online portal from 24 May 2024 at Apply for an Extended Hours Licence

Apply for an extended hours licence to serve alcohol

How to apply, when to apply, who is consulted, if there are objections or representations to your application.

You need an extended hours licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 if you want to sell alcohol outside of your current core opening hours.

How to apply for an extended hours licence

If you want an extended hours licence, you need to:

You must answer every question on the form. If a question is not relevant, mark it as 'not applicable'

It costs £10 to apply for an Extended Hours Licence.

When you should apply

You should apply at least 28 days before the date you want the extended hours to start.

If you apply in less than 28 days from your start date, your application will be accepted but may not be granted due to the timescales involved.

Who is consulted about your application

We send a copy of your application will be sent to Police Scotland and the Licensing Standards Officer who have 10 days to respond.

They will carry out their own investigations and report back to the Licensing Board.

If there are objections or representations to your application

If the Licensing Board receives an objection or representation to your application for extended hours, they must give you notice of the objection or representation.

It may also be considered at a meeting of the Licensing Board. If it is, you will be formally cited to attend the meeting.

We'll send you a copy of the letter of objection or representation with the citation letter.

If your application is granted, it lasts for the period on the application, or for a shorter period determined by the Licensing Board.