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Council work experience review: Charlotte's web of possibilities

Senior pupil, and aspiring media student, Charlotte Smith, from Johnstone High School, tells us how her recent work experience with our communications team has inspired her hopes for the future.

Head and shoulders shot of young woman with long hair smiling to camera "I have always been interested in working in a creative environment with people who can help make an impact within our community. I'm particularly interested in media and communications as they are modern and applicable skills that will flow with the ever-changing work environments. 

"When Lucy Adamson, the Council's Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager, told me about her career from working as a journalist to becoming the communications and public affairs manager at Renfrewshire Council, I was intrigued! Her story drew me into asking questions on how I would be able to experience a snippet of how a communications department is involved in the inner workings of a local authority like Renfrewshire Council.

"Having applied for journalism, media, and communications with law at the University of Strathclyde, this work experience has given me great insight into what working within these roles in Renfrewshire Council is like and what job opportunities there could be for me on the other side of university.

"My experience here has been eye-opening, both in terms of what goes on further beyond what you are taught within school and being able to see the day-to-day impact that this department has on improving and changing to keep up with society's demands. Being able to observe meetings has given me further insight into future projects and the steps and actions that are needed alongside the ideas to achieve project goals.

"After spending time talking with Julia Patton, a Senior Communications Officer with an intriguing background in PR and various other departments, I became excited about the fact that I have chosen a path at university that is varied. It means I will be able to experience a range of things in my future career.

"My time working with the comms team at Renfrewshire Council has supplied me with an abundance of knowledge on the different possibilities ahead of me and I look forward to my future after university and the many different paths I could take towards success.

"Thanks very much to the comms team!"

Lucy Adamson, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager, said: "As a service and as a corporate parent, we've always worked to try and offer learning experiences such as this to Renfrewshire's young people. We often find its very much a two-way thing - they can learn more about what we do as a profession and how we help serve local residents and we can learn about their experiences of the council and how we communicate. We've collaborated with our policy colleagues as well to offer a programme to local high school students and its always inspiring to see the enthusiasm of those taking part for our world of work."

Published on Thursday 22 February 2024