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Dargavel school consultation

We are consulting with the Dargavel community on our proposal to build a new primary school in the area.

On this page:

What the consultation is about

The consultation covers two points: 

  1. A proposal to establish a new primary school in Dargavel Village on an 8.5 acre site at the north end of Craigton Drive, 
  2. A catchment review affecting Dargavel Primary School and the proposed new primary school to be built at Dargavel Village. 

It's important we capture as wide a range of views from the local community as we can. This is a chance for everyone to discuss the proposal and consider the best way forward. All views will be compiled and considered.

You can give us your views on the proposal by filling out our online survey. More information on the proposal can be found below.

Why we're consulting on a new Dargavel school 

The current Dargavel Primary School will not have enough capacity for the numbers of pupils expected as the housing development grows in the years ahead. 

Our current pupil-roll projections - based on a tried-and-tested model used by data analytics experts - suggest demand for primary school places in Dargavel could peak at 1,131 by 2033. 

The current primary school has a capacity of 434. Our proposal is to build a new additional school for the Dargavel area, to hold 800 pupils, which we hope to have open by 2027. 

That means we also need to decide the catchment areas for the new school and the existing school. 

Any plan to build a new school or change an existing catchment is required by law to go through a formal consultation, under the process set out by Education Scotland.

As part of that, we have to publish a proposal for the new school and its catchment, on which to consult. 

Background information for the Dargavel school consultation 

The consultation started on Monday 29 January, and will end on Tuesday 26 March.

You can see below maps showing

  • active travel routes and where the proposed site for the new school sits within planned future development in the area
  • the current and proposed catchment areas.

Map showing active travel routes for the proposed additional primary school in Dargavel

See larger version of the map showing active travel routes for the proposed additional primary school in Dargavel (PDF) [1MB] .

Map showing current catchment area for Dargavel Map showing proposed catchment areas for the current and proposed primary schools in Dargavel

See larger version of the current catchment map for Dargavel (PDF) [2MB]  and  larger version of the proposed catchment areas for the current and additional primary schools in Dargavel (PDF) [2MB] .

We have published our consultation on new primary school in Dargavel proposal paper [1MB] , which we encourage you to read. This includes:

  • the legal procedure for a public consultation over a new school 
  • the reasoning behind our proposal, and the options we looked at when developing it 
  • our educational benefits statement, which sets out how we expect our proposal to impact on pupils and the local community, and why we believe it will benefit them 
  • the issues we considered when looking at possible sites for the new school
  • a list of streets affected by the proposed changes to the catchment.

Copies of the proposal document are available at Dargavel and Bishopton primary schools, Bishopton and Erskine libraries, and in reception at council HQ at Renfrewshire House in Paisley.

We have also published  feedback from pre-engagement consultation [1MB] . This includes:

  • what people told us during our public survey and other engagement last year over how the proposed new school could be used
  • a timeline for the construction of the new school (subject to the outcome of the consultation)
  • the vision and objectives for the new school, and plans and images showing examples of how it might look
  • a map of all the sites we considered for the new school, and analysis of how each of them was assessed and scored
  • active travel and school access considerations

These documents were updated on 19 February 2024 as explained in  Correction Notice Dargavel Consultation [134KB]

The documents are available in other formats, such as a different language or accessible format. Email to request another format. 

At the start of the consultation we wrote to all statutory consultees (the people who we are required to consult) with a copy of the proposal paper. They include: 

  • Parent Councils of affected schools (Dargavel, Bishopton, St John Bosco) 
  • parents of pupils at those schools 
  • parents of children we expect to attend the new school 
  • staff and trade unions at the affected schools 
  • elected members 
  • The local Community Council and Community Planning Partnership 
  • community groups who use the existing Dargavel Primary School. 

How you can have your say 

We want as many people as possible from the local community to take part in the consultation. Your feedback is crucial to help us decide what we do next. All views we receive will be recorded and considered. 

We have tried to create as many chances as possible for you to find out more about the proposal, ask questions, and tell us what you think. More detail is listed below but these include: 

  • online and written feedback
  • information sessions 
  • public meetings 
  • informal drop-ins  

All topics raised and questions asked online, in writing, and at the public meetings - and our answers - will be recorded and included in the final consultation report. There will also be an opportunity at the information sessions to formally record your views. 

Renfrewshire Council is committed to accessibility. We are committed to supporting your inclusion in our public events. If you have any accessibility requirements, please email and let us know how we can support you.

Online and written feedback

You can submit your views on the proposal to us directly by: 

Information sessions

There will be four information evenings held at Dargavel Primary School. These will provide more information and the chance to discuss key topics such as: 

  • traffic and transport
  • possible locations for the new school 
  • how the new school will be designed and built 
  • school capacity and pupil roll projections 
  • the impact on existing schools in the area. 

The aim is to give you the chance to meet the key officers involved in the project in an informal setting, either one-to-one or in small groups, and have a two-way chat where they can listen to any issues you want to raise. 

Each event will be split into three one-hour slots (from 6 to 7pm, 7 to 8pm and 8 to 9pm). To allow as many as possible to attend, we are asking you to book your place in advance. 

Each of these events will follow the same format and cover the same information - so if you want to come, you only need to do so once. The events will be at these times: 

  • information session 1 - Wednesday 14 February - 6 until 9pm 
  • information session 2 - Thursday 15 February - 6 until 9pm  
  • information session 3 - Monday 26 February - 6 until 9pm 
  • information session 4 - Thursday 29 February - 6 until 9pm.

Book a place at an information session on Eventbrite.

Public meetings

There will also be two public meetings, both held at Dargavel Primary School. These events will allow us to feedback on the issues you raise at the info sessions, discuss how these might be overcome, and for you to ask any questions about the proposal. 

These events will be at Dargavel Primary School on the following dates. Both events will be the same format. To allow as many as possible to attend, we ask you to book your preferred event in advance. The public meetings will be at these times:

  • public meeting 1 - Monday 19 February - 7 until 9pm  
  • public meeting 2 - Tuesday 5 March - 7 until 9pm. 

Book a place at a public meeting on Eventbrite.

Informal drop-ins

We ran a series of informal drop-ins for existing parents and carers at Dargavel and Bishopton Primaries to chat to senior officers and head teachers in February.

We also gathered views from pupils and staff at Dargavel and Bishopton Primaries, and other key groups, such as parent councils, community councils and local community groups.  


    The consultation will end on Tuesday 26 March. We will compile all views received and send them to Education Scotland.  

    They then have three weeks to consider our proposal, taking account of all your views, and make their recommendations to us. 

    We will then publish a final consultation report, taking account of Education Scotland's recommendations. This report will then be considered by councillors in May. 

    Data Protection and Freedom of Information

    We need your details for the purpose of collating responses to this consultation and they will be used for the purposes of the Council's public functions. The Council may check your details with other information held and may share these with other council services and Education Scotland.

    Consultation responses will be made publicly available on demand. If you would prefer your comments not to be made public please record this on your response. Please note however, that the council may still be obliged to disclose your response, on request, due to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and so, is unable to guarantee confidentiality.

    See further information on how the council handles your personal information.

    Notice of correction in terms of s.5(5)(b) of the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) ACT 2010 

    Details of the correction are in the   Correction Notice Dargavel Consultation [134KB] .