Renfrewshire Council

If you are offered a grant to repair a private historic building

If we approve your application for the grant, conditions of the grant, how we pay the grant, interim payments.

If we approve your application

If we approve your application, we'll make you a provisional offer of a grant. We'll send you an 'offer of grant' letter to sign. 

When we've received your signed letter, and you've met the conditions of the grant, we'll send you a 'permission to start' letter.

This includes a date for completion, usually 3 months after the date of the letter. There may be scope to extend the plan if necessary.

If the repairs are not completed by the expiration date, we may withdraw the offer of the grant.

During the repairs, you must clearly display boards where the public can see them, acknowledging the Council's grant. We will supply you with notice boards to do this.

If we can't offer you a grant at this time, you may be able to submit your application again at a future round, providing there is still funding available.

Conditions of the grant

Your project must be completed:

  • to what was agreed when you were awarded the grant
  • with any statutory consents that were required for the work.

You must make sure you have:

  • all relevant planning permissions or building consents, in line with the approved grant scheme
  • enough money to pay in full the contractors and any conservation accredited professional advisors before they start
  • provided us with proof of the leaseholder or owner
  • provided us with proof of contractor's insurances.

You'll also need to provide us with evidence that the contractors and any other professional advisors you've hired have invoiced and been paid. 

We won't pay the grant until you have met all the conditions of the offer.

You must send us the receipts for this work within a month of completing the project. 

How we pay the grant

We will pay the grant when the works have been completed to a satisfactory standard, following an inspection by us, and you have sent us:

  • a copy of your Completion Certificate (if applicable)
  • proof of payment by bank or building society transfer (BACS) to the contractors and any other professional advisors you've hired
  • the receipted invoices from your contractors and any other professional advisors you've hired
  • evidence of all necessary planning permissions or building consent, or written confirmation that these are not needed.

We can't award the grant for cash payment to your contractors or professional advisors.

We'll make the payment to your nominated bank or building society account.

If you're using internet baking, make sure the following information from your online bank statement is clearly identifiable on every page:

  • name of your bank
  • your name
  • your bank account number and sort code
  • the debit, credit, and balance columns
  • name of the professional advisor and the amounts paid to them
  • the footer, showing the webpage.

We can only accept proof of original receipts or statements. We can't accept screenshots.

You can scan and send us your:

  • original receipts
  • print outs of your bank statements

If we have all the relevant information with your completed application for payment, we aim to pay you within 28 days of receiving your application.

Interim payments

We can't make interim payments on small grants, for repairs costing up to £8,000.

We can only make interim payments on standard grants, for awards up to £25,000.

See: how much grant you could apply for

You'll need to provide us with proof of payment, invoices and any required consents outlined above for each payment request.

If you need an interim payment towards materials for the work, we may be able to give you up to 25% of the costs of the materials.

We can only make any other interim payments towards work done on the site. This will only be up to 90% of the amount of your grant.

If you need a building warrant for the work, we will pay the final 10% of the grant when we receive a completion certificate from you.

More information

Email us at if you:

  • need help with your application
  • need to send us additional details or documents
  • are sending us evidence of completion.