Renfrewshire Council

Applications for this grant closed on Monday 29 January 2024.

How to apply for a grant to repair a private historic building

How to apply for the grant, how we assess your application.

How to apply for the grant

Applications for the first round of funding closed on Monday 29 April 2024.

You cannot save your application and go back to it later, so make sure you're prepared to complete it once you begin filling it out.

You'll need to include quotes and ownership and leaseholder information.

If you're a shared owner, you'll need to nominate one person to apply on behalf of all the shared owners. 

You'll also need the contact details of each shared owner for the application including their name, address (floor or flat number in the building), phone number and email address.

The nominated person could be your factor or property manager.

How we assess your application

We'll review all applications within 4 weeks of the closing date. 

We apply a scoring system to determine if you will get the grant and how much you will get.

We'll assess your application based on the impact, quality and delivery of the proposed repairs work.

This will include if the property is: 

It will also depend on:

  • input from a professional advisor 
  • the contractors' experience of working on heritage buildings
  • specification of materials appropriate for the conservation of the building
  • if the property is occupied, when and how it's occupied
  • how many owners there are of the property
  • evidence of the owner or leaseholder's commitment to repair and maintain the property
  • whether the property has a long-term sustainable function, such as a home or a business premises.

This will determine if you get the grant and how much you get.

As funding is limited, you may not get the full amount you applied for. 

If you are awarded a grant, you can't apply again until the repair works are complete, and you've been paid the full amount. 

If you've previously been awarded a Heritage Maintenance Plans in Villages grant, it does not guarantee you will get this grant.

If you are offered a grant