Renfrewshire Council

Artist impression of a new road bridge over the White Cart and a new road, walking and cycling route connecting to Renfrew Road

Paisley to AMIDS transport links

Details of a transport project called AMIDS South to improve links, connect communities and bolster business growth between Paisley town centre and the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS).

The AMIDS South project

We are creating new routes between Paisley town centre and the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS), with a road bridge crossing the White Cart and an east-west link road, all with accompanying walking and cycling options.

We are building the new roads, bridge, cycling and walking routes through a project called AMIDS South, which is 90% funded by the UK Government Levelling Up Fund, with the rest paid by Renfrewshire Council.

It includes:

  • A 1.7 kilometre riverside route from Abercorn Street to Inchinnan Road
  • A road bridge crossing the White Cart river at Harbour Road
  • An east-west road from Renfrew Road to the bridge crossing
  • Dedicated cycling and walking provision along all new routes
  • An underpass for walking and cycling at Renfrew Road called the Gallowhill Link
  • Environmental improvements along the White Cart river clearing debris and enhancing riverside biodiversity.

The project benefits

Economic projections in the business case found the project could bolster the local economy by an additional £136 million and cut carbon emissions by more than 4,200 tonnes while helping existing and new companies to grow, creating new job opportunities for years to come.

AMIDS South will:

  • Improve the links between Paisley town centre, AMIDS and Glasgow Airport
  • Better connect communities to the jobs at AMIDS and to their work, studies and leisure pursuits
  • Deliver improved walking and cycling links including a 20-minute journey time saving walking between Gallowhill Road and Inchinnan Road
  • Make it easier to get to West College Scotland and the new Paisley Grammar School Community Campus
  • Enable business growth with increased access for customers and suppliers
  • Open up and enhance the environment along the White Cart river
  • Cut congestion in residential areas like on Love Street.

Gallowhill Link

The Gallowhill link is an underpass we're creating to provide a safe crossing of Renfrew Road for people walking, wheeling and cycling.

It will connect from Gallowhill Road through the underpass beneath Renfrew Road using the disused railway line and join onto the active travel route between Paisley and Renfrew.

It's being funded from the Scottish Government's Active Travel Transformation Fund.

Route maps and illustrations

Select a section of the route to see the route design and visualisations of the completed works.

AMIDS South full route [1MB]

Abercorn Street [3MB]

Harbour Road [3MB]

White Cart road bridge [5MB]

East-West road from Renfrew Road to the bridge crossing [4MB]

Public support

More than 260 people completed our public survey with their thoughts on the project proposals.

It found:

  • 90% would use the riverside route
  • 86% confirmed they would be more likely to walk or cycle here following the infrastructure improvements
  • More than two-thirds of people would use the walking and cycling route between Gallowhill Road and Inchinnan Road
  • 70% indicated they would consider leaving the car at home and walk or cycle instead

Project progress

Planning consent and a Compulsory Purchase Order for the works is in place and our project team are discussing the detailed designs with businesses, residents and communities along the routes.