Renfrewshire Council

Paisley Grammar School

Who the head teacher is, associated primary schools, the new Paisley Grammar School opening in 2026.

School information

The Head Teacher at Paisley Grammar School is Janice Levens. The link education manager is Amilia Hall.

The primary schools associated with Paisley Grammar School are:

  • Gallowhill Primary School
  • Mossvale Primary School
  • Ralston Primary School
  • Todholm Primary School
  • Williamsburgh Primary School

New Paisley Grammar School

The new Paisley Grammar School Community Campus will replace the current Paisley Grammar School.

It is planned to open for the start of the school term in August 2026.

The catchment area will stay the same, including the five associated primary schools listed above.

Facilities at the new school

Paisley Grammar School Community Campus main entrance
New Paisley Grammar School Community Campus
The new school will have facilities that are not available at the current Paisley Grammar School, including:

  • outdoor PE facilities and outdoor learning areas
  • state-of-the-art digital technology
  • a better set-up for drama, music and performance
  • areas for group work and one-to-one teaching.

It will also be fully accessible to pupils with mobility issues or additional support needs. 

It will also have facilities available to residents and local community groups during and after the school day and at weekends for community learning and activities.

And the location will allow a closer partnership between the school and the nearby West College Scotland.

Location, road safety and school transport

The new school will be built on a vacant site off Renfrew Road.

It will benefit from the wider development to improve transport links in the north of Paisley, which will create safer access to the new school.

This will include a new bridge over the White Cart River and a new east-west road linking the bridge with Renfrew Road. Our plan is for the entrance to the new school to be from this new road.

Pupils coming from Shortroods and Mossvale will be able to get to the school directly over the new bridge.

There will also be new safe walking and cycling routes to the school including an underpass underneath Renfrew Road linking to Gallowhill and the east of the town. 

Pupils living more than two miles away from the school will get school transport under our home-to-school transport arrangements.

Updates on the progress of the new school

We ran a consultation and series of public meetings in 2020 to get views on the proposal to move the school, which showed overall support.

We have since appointed a design team, who have produced detailed designs for the new school, based on the results of a series of workshops with pupils, staff and parents.

Some initial works to the site started in March 2024, and construction of the building is due to start in the summer.

We will keep you up to date here on progress and on arrangements for the new school opening.