Renfrewshire Council

The Clumps' Big Mess

The Clumps' Big Mess cover "The Clump family were the biggest lot of litterbugs you are ever likely to meet...."

Commissioned as part of our Team Up to Clean Up campaign, this story focuses on the Clump family who deliberately fail to pick up after themselves and their pet dog Murphy.

Twists and turns occur as the two little Clumps, Selina and Molly, learn more about the damage that can be done if people don't take pride in where they live, and their carefree attitude leads to a world covered in litter.

Can they reverse it or is it too late?

Every primary school pupil in Renfrewshire should have received their copy in school, but if you didn't (or you're a little bit older!) you can read a copy via the link attached to this page or in your local library.

You can also listen to it below.

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