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National Qualifications and exam results

You can find useful links and information on SQA national qualifications and exam results here.

Receiving your qualifications

You will receive your Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) by post. If you sign up to MySQA and activate your account, you will also receive a text message or email from 8am on results day.

If you haven't received your qualifications by post, text or email, here are some helpful tips from SQA.

Post: check if your mail has been delivered. Royal Mail may be later than normal due to the increased volume of mail on results day.

Text message: contact your service provider. Your message may be delayed due to the number of text messages being sent that day.

Email: check your spam or junk folder. Your email may also be delayed due to the number of emails being sent that day. 

You can also find more frequently asked questions on SQA's website.

Results help and advice

If you aren't sure what your results mean, or how they impact your planned education and career path, help is at hand.

  • call the national results helpline on 0808 100 8000
  • speak to your school and discuss your results and options.

You might also want to look at other pathways towards your chosen career. Check out alternative paths into your chosen career in the section below.

Note: the national results helpline is open as follows:

  • Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 August, 8am to 8pm
  • Thursday 10 and Friday 11 August, 9am to 5pm

Alternative paths into your chosen career

There are many paths towards your chosen career. So, if you no longer want to go to university or your results mean you want to take a different route, speak to your school as soon as you can.

What you could do next is: