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Renfrewshire Instrumental Music Service

Renfrewshire Instrumental Music Service delivers free instrumental music lessons to primary and secondary pupils and young people in schools.  Lessons are provided in bagpipes, brass, guitar, percussion, pipe drumming, strings and woodwind.  However, the choice of instruments available will vary from school to school.

The service is delivered by instrumental music teachers who work closely and in partnership with schools and music departments to deliver a curriculum which enables each child or young person to be successful, confident, responsible and an effective contributor.

Learning through music provides pupils and young people with a wide range of opportunities and learning experiences which develop and prepare them for life beyond school.

Learning to play a musical instrument is fun and along with the musical benefits, it develops self-esteem and confidence; improves concentration and discipline; enhances co-ordination, language, memory and social skills and has a positive impact on health & wellbeing.  It teaches pupils and young people how to work as part of a team and contributes to the life of the school and wider community.

Authority Ensembles

Renfrewshire Music Service deliver a number of authority ensembles which your child is may be eligible to attend.  These ensembles are open to pupils/young people up to the age of 19yrs, who currently attend a Renfrewshire Council school; the Saturday Music Centre or reside in Renfrewshire local authority.

Music Service App

To stay informed; receive important notifications and for all the latest news about the Instrumental Music Service, download the music service app, 'School App for Parents. (See related documents section on how to download the app).

For more information about the Music Service and how your child can learn a musical instrument and how they can participate in the authority ensembles, see the related document section.

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