Renfrewshire Council

Our current performance

Due to the covid-19 pandemic and the suspension of all Boards, the scheduled performance updates due in May did not go ahead, these pages have the most up to date performance papers as approved by Elected Members

A summary of some of the key performance reports is provided below:

Council plan - Council Plan, was developed in tandem with the Renfrewshire Community Plan, 2017-2027 and describes how Renfrewshire Council will achieve its vision by working more closely with our communities, tackling our challenges, making the most of our opportunities, and delivering high quality services. The Council Plan was launched in September 2017 to cover the years 2017-2022, and sets our how the Council will work with partners, communities and business to progress 5 key outcomes:

•    Reshaping our place, our economy and our future;
•    Building strong, safe and resilient communities;
•    Tackling inequality, ensuring opportunities for all;
•    Creating a sustainable Renfrewshire for all to enjoy; and
•    Working together to improve outcomes.

The Council Plan has a set of actions and range of performance indicators (PIs) which help us measure our progress in delivering on our outcomes. We are committed to being open and transparent about our progress and we will publish six monthly updates to show how the Council is progressing against specific targets.

You can download a copy of our latest six months performance report via the related document.

It's all about you - At every age and stage in life, Renfrewshire Council is here for you. All of our services are here to make sure that everyone living in Renfrewshire enjoys the quality of life they deserve. This performance report is designed to help you make your own judgement on how we are doing.

Every year, we report on our performance. Like other local authorities, we participate in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework, where we report our performance against 75 indicators to an organisation called the Improvement Service. Part of the LGBF data is the ability to compare performance against other local authorities with a similar profile to Renfrewshire, known as Family Groups. Within this report, we have provided some Family Group information.

We also provide information about some projects, initiatives that the council and partners are delivering on. A copy is provided via the related link.

Complaints data - Managing complaints as well as we can, helps us improve relationships with our customers, improve the services we provide and enhance public perception of Renfrewshire Council. You can find more about our complaints handling procedure in the related link.

Councils are required to report their complaints handling performance against a range of high-level performance indicators related to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) complaints handling procedure. Every year we report on how we are performing to the council's Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Board. You can download a copy of our 2018/19 performance report via the related document.

Services performance against targets - Service's also provide operational performance to the relevant policy board on a regular basis, this includes how quickly our call centre is answering your calls, current recycling rates, progress on our internal audit action plan and a school's inspection report.

Every six months all council services report performance to board on how they are progressing with their service improvement plan action and indicators.