Renfrewshire Council


Benchmarking allows us to compare our performance so that we can identify best practice, learn from each other, and improve what we do.

Local Government Benchmarking framework

All 32 councils are measuring a common set of PIs called the Local Government Benchmarking Framework. This national framework brings together performance indicators from each local authority and provides benchmarking data on a wide range of key services such as education, housing and adult social care.

Scottish Household survey

The aim of the survey is to provide representative information about the composition, characteristics and behaviours of Scottish households, both nationally and at a more local level. The survey covers a wide range of topics to allow links to be made between different policy areas, with a particular focus on information to aid policy decisions on transport and social inclusion.

Other benchmarking

Services also use a range of benchmarking information and data from other sources such as APSE, CiPFA etc. Further information will be included on this page.

Best Value Audit

All Scottish councils are subject to Best Value Assurance Report, this identifies areas of good practice, how a council compares with other authorities and any areas for improvement.

Renfrewshire Council's was published in August 2018. Overall the report itself was positive, providing independent assurance to local residents and businesses on the extent to which the Council is achieving best value. In publishing the report, the Accounts Commission noted that "Renfrewshire Council continues to improve and is making encouraging progress in the performance of its services".

Seven recommendations relating to areas such as cross party working, community engagement, partnership working, financial sustainability, workforce planning and governance arrangements were noted by Audit Scotland. An action plan which set out the Council's proposed actions to progress these recommendations was approved by full Council in September 2017. Six months progress reports on our audit are provided to Leadership Board, a copy of the latest update is provided in related documents.