Renfrewshire Council

Spotlight on Spend

Renfrewshire Council is committed to making it finances clear so that everyone can see exactly where the money is spent.  

The Council already provides the Scottish Procurement Information Hub with information on what it spends and this is enhanced by company information from commercial databases

Full details of all payments to suppliers and contractors exceeding £1,000 per annum are fully detailed and this information on our spending will give you a much better idea of where, and how, your money is spent.

The entries marked as 'redacted' are those where the name of the supplier is an individual person. The name but not the amount is concealed to comply with Data Protection legislation.

The information on expenditure is categorised on the website by commodity or service provided. This information comes from  supplier databases such as the Thomson's Local Directory. It relates to the stated business and classification of the company, which may not necessarily fully relate to the purpose of the council department incurring the spend.

As part of this commitment to provide financial transparency, the Council will publish all expenditure over £1,000.

The spend is extracted from the Council's financial system (CEDAR e5) and the Royal Bank of Scotland Smart Data On Line tool for the Procurement Card.  This data has been reviewed and validated by the Council and then forwarded to Spikes Cavell.

Spikes Cavell are the Scottish Government's approved private sector organisation that transforms and analyses spend and related data for more than 720 public sector bodies nationwide to help them save money, address important policy related questions and as a bi-product of those efforts deliver transparency.

Please note that Spotlight on Spend is an external website and it is not necessary to download the Silverlight software

Please note the following data is not included:

  • Individual payments to suppliers below £1,000, but where the aggregate period spend with the supplier is over £1,000 this will be included.
  • Redactions - to minimise the risk of inadvertent breach of Data Protection legislation the validated and standardised data extract is further processed to identify payments made to individuals (for example foster carers). Spikes Cavell's redaction algorithms are sophisticated and leverage unique reference datasets designed to ensure that bone-fide sole traders are not inadvertently obscured. Once an individual has been identified and validated by a data analyst any identifying information is then overwritten to ensure that the individual cannot be identified.
  • Non-Trade items such as grants or payments to other Public Sector Bodies (where not classified as external trade/payments for goods & services).