Renfrewshire Council

Counter Fraud and Corruption Policy

Our approach to preventing fraud, who the Counter Fraud and Corruption Policy applies to, reporting fraud.

Our approach to preventing fraud

Our Counter Fraud and Corruption Policy [293KB] details our approach to the prevention, detection and prosecution of fraud and corruption, across all of the Council's service areas.

The public expect the Council to conduct its affairs with integrity, honesty and openness, and demand the highest standard of conduct from those working for and with it. The Council is also expected to safeguard public funds, and to ensure that they are available and used for their intended purpose.

The Council has a commitment to achieving the highest standards of probity, which ensures that the opportunity for fraud and corruption is reduced to the lowest possible risk, with losses minimised.

The Council's aims to meet these expectations by having a culture which demonstrates clearly the Council is firmly committed to dealing equally with any fraud and corruption by perpetrators from both within and outside the Council, including service users, members of the public, partners, contractors and suppliers.

The Council also participates in the National Fraud Initiative which compares electronic data about individuals held by different public bodies to prevent and detect fraud.

Find more information about counter fraud and the National Fraud Initiative on the Audit Scotland website.

Who the policy applies to

The policy applies to: 

  • employees
  • elected members
  • service users
  • contractors, agencies and suppliers
  • other partner organisations where the principals of "following the public pound" would apply, such as organisations that receive funding from the Council, including the voluntary sector and other third-party organisations in which the Council has an interest.

Reporting fraud

If you are concerned about suspected fraud, find out what it is and how to report it to us.