Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Cycling Strategy 2016-2025

You can view or download a copy of the Renfrewshire Cycling Strategy 2016-2025 from the Related Documents section

The aim of our cycling strategy is simple: to get more people in Renfrewshire cycling more often.

The strategy supports many of the aims of the council's business plan and Renfrewshire's community plan. Achieving these aims will bring many benefits for Renfrewshire's residents, its communities, its environment and its economy.

By encouraging people to be more active, cycling can help to improve the health and wellbeing of people of all ages.

Getting more people cycling will also help to achieve our vision for a greener Renfrewshire by cutting vehicle emissions and reducing congestion on our roads.

By making further investment in our network of cycle routes and making them easier to access, more people will see cycling as an attractive and convenient way of commuting and making short and medium-distance journeys at low cost.

Promoting cycle routes into Renfrewshire's countryside and historic towns and villages can also bring economic benefits by providing new opportunities for local businesses.