Renfrewshire Council

Community Justice Key Priorities and Annual Report

What are our key priorities?

Improved Community Understanding and Participation

Informing local communities about community justice issues and enabling them to contribute to the decisions that affect them will support reintegration, reduce stigma and lead to the delivery of better, more person centred and responsive services and improved community justice outcomes.


Renfrewshire has been committed to tackling worklessness and has made significant strides in tackling youth unemployment. Employment continues to be a national priority and people with convictions in Renfrewshire have told us this is the biggest factor which would help to stop them reoffending.

Homelessness for Prison Leavers

Housing remains a national priority and we know that people who serve prison sentences are more likely to return to custody and therefore to lose their accommodation. It is important that we try to break this cycle. We know how important it is to have a stable home and the positive impact that can have on the likelihood of a person reoffending.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The population in contact with the criminal justice system is a vulnerable one in health and wellbeing terms, with people experiencing high levels of mental health problems, trauma, learning difficulties and challenges with problem alcohol and substance use.  It is important that we develop a greater understanding of any barriers that exist, which prevent people with convictions from accessing support services.