Renfrewshire Council

Food takeaway and delivery services

The Scottish Government has published guidance in relation to the relaxation of planning enforcement action which would allow public houses and restaurants to provide takeaway services on a temporary basis, where temporary local or national restrictions do not prevent this. 

Where premises are licensed to include off-sales of alcohol, the delivery of alcohol with food will be permitted during the period of the current restrictions, subject to compliance with the requirements of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Licensing Board's alcohol delivery conditions - which can be found at Appendix III of the Board's Statement of Licensing Policy:

 Statement of Licensing Policy 2018-2022 [248KB]

Apply for a liquor licence

Coronavirus legislation and changes to timescales

Occasional licences

We are able to continue accepting applications for occasional licences for premises who are allowed to operate, to enable them to do so under 14 day licences.

Notification of change of designated premises manager

New legislation has extended the timescales to notify the Licensing team of a change of manager from 7 days to 28 days, and to lodge an application for variation of a manager from 6 weeks to 3 months.

Provisional Premises Licences

Where you have been unable to confirm your provisional premises licence within the statutory 4 year period for a reason related to Coronavirus, you should apply for an extension to this period before it expires. The new legislation says that we must allow you an initial 6 months extension to the 4 year period to confirm your provisional premises licence.

Section 34 Transfer of Premises Licence

We can now accept applications for transfer which are made outwith the normal statutory 28 day period, where the reason is related to Coronavirus.

You should contact us at if you are concerned that you may not be able to meet these extended time limits for a reason related to Coronavirus.

Apply for a licence

If you complete a PDF application form to accompany the payment, you can make a payment online for the following:

When you have made your payment, please email your signed and completed application form with supporting documentation to Please send all documents in PDF format and any photographs in JPEG format. If you are applying for a personal licence, please check that the certification docket on the back of the photograph is included with your application documentation.

THE PHOTOGRAPHS REQUIRE TO BE COUNTERSIGNED ON THE BACK WITH SPECIFIC WORDING SET OUT IN THE LEGISLATION.  THE WORDING NEEDS TO BE "I certify that this is a true likeness of (name of applicant)", followed by the full name of the person endorsing the photograph.

Fees for new grant of premises licences

Category in terms Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005Premises Rateable ValueFee
1.Not applicable£169
2.Between £1 and £11,500£656
3.Between £11,501 and £35,000£902
4.Between £35,001 and £70,000£1066
5.Between £70,001 and £140,000£1394
6.Over £140,000£1640
Fee for Provisional Premises LicenceNot applicable£160

Forms and fees for ancillary licence applications 

Application TypeForm to be completedFee
Section 33(1) Transfer (inc.variation)Transfer Application£175
Section 33(1) Transfer (no variation)Transfer Application£50
Section 34(1) Transfer (inc. variation)Transfer Application£175
Section 34(1) Transfer (no variation)Transfer Application£60
Section 47(2) Temporary Premises LicencePremises Licence Application£175
Section 46(2) ConfirmationConfirmation of Provisional Premises Licence ApplicationBalance of fee from provisional fee to full grant fee.
Section 29(1) VariationVariation Application£175
Section 29(1) Minor Variation (Manager)Variation Application£31
Section 29(1) Minor VariationVariation Application£20
Section 56(1) OccasionalOccasional Licence Application£10
Section 68(1) Extended HoursExtended Hours Application£10
Section 72(1) Personal LicencePersonal Licence Application£50
Section 92(1) Replacement Personal LicenceNo application form required, letter requesting replacement and Police reference number once intimated licence has been lost of stolen.£25
Replacement Premises LicenceNo application form required, letter requesting replacement  and Police reference number once intimated licence has been lost of stolen.£30

Annual fees for premises licences which are due 1 October each year

Notification of annual fee due will be issued at end of August each year by letter.   

Category in terms of Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 Premises Rateable ValueFee
1.Not applicable£180
2.Between £1 and £11,500£220
3.Between £11,501 and £35,000£280
4.Between £35,001 and £70,000£500
5.Between £70,001 and £140,000£700
6.Over £140,000£900