Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire's Core Paths Plan

What the Renfrewshire Core Paths Plan is, what the key routes will achieve, who can and can't use the network of routes.

The Core Paths Plan [29MB] outlines a network of key access routes across Renfrewshire.

The plan reflects key routes which:

  • connect communities, settlements and places of interest
  • provide opportunities for active travel, particularly to schools and place of work
  • connect people with nature, areas of greenspace and the wider countryside
  • promote and encourage healthy lifestyles.

The network provides a series of routes for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and those with disabilities.

Not every route is suitable for everyone and the plan provides information which helps to inform path users on the characteristics of each route.

You can read the Renfrewshire Core Paths Plan [29MB]   or download the associated plans in the Related Documents Section.

Contact us at or call 0300 300 0144 for any enquiries relating to access.