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What biodiversity is, Renfrewshire Local Biodiversity Plan, our Biodiversity Duty Report.

 What biodiversity is

Biodiversity is a term that describes the variety of life on our planet and includes:

  • Every variety and species of animal, plant and microbe
  • The habitat in which they live (air, land and water)
  • The interactions between species and habitats

It is an important indicator of a healthy environment and the Council support biodiversity conservation and enhancement across Renfrewshire for the benefit of our local communities.

Renfrewshire Local Biodiversity Plan

The Renfrewshire Biodiversity Action Plan 2018-2022 was approved by the Communities, Housing and Planning Board on 22 May 2018.

The plan has been prepared in partnership and reflects the priorities of some 25 biodiversity organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors. It sets out a positive and ambitious approach to support the conservation, promotion and enhancement of biodiversity across Renfrewshire.

Our Biodiversity Duty Report

Our Biodiversity Duty Report highlights actions undertaken by the Council to support biodiversity between 2018 and 2020.

The report demonstrates that the Council has made good progress in enhancing biodiversity, particularly through delivery of the Green Network identified in the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan and supporting a range of partners to assist in the delivery of biodiversity activities.

The Renfrewshire Biodiversity Duty Report also identifies how the Council has supported the achievement of national targets stated in Scotland's Biodiversity Strategy: 2020 Challenge.

The Council will continue to support biodiversity through implementation of actions set out in the Renfrewshire Biodiversity Action Plan, Renfrewshire Local Development Plan and Renfrewshire Community Plan.

More information

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