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What biodiversity is, Renfrewshire Biodiversity Action Plan, Biodiversity Duty Report, more information.

What biodiversity is

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on our planet. It includes:

  • all species of animals, plants, and microbes
  • their habitats, including land, water, and air
  • the interactions between species and habitats.

Biodiversity levels help us measure how healthy the environment is. We're supporting biodiversity conservation and enhancements across Renfrewshire for the benefit of our local communities.

Renfrewshire Biodiversity Action Plan

This is the second Biodiversity Action Plan for Renfrewshire. It replaces the previous plan from 2018-2022. We produced this plan in partnership with a range of local biodiversity organisations. It reflects a shared vision for enhanced biodiversity across Renfrewshire.

The plan sets out a positive and ambitious approach to biodiversity conservation and promotion. A continued commitment to partnership working and increased community involvement will be key for us to achieve and deliver successful outcomes for biodiversity.

Read the Renfrewshire Biodiversity Action Plan 2024. [6MB]

Biodiversity Duty Report

Our Biodiversity Duty Report highlights the actions we took to support biodiversity between 2021 and 2023.

The report demonstrates that we've continued to make good progress in enhancing biodiversity and supporting partners and the community to deliver biodiversity activities.

We'll continue to support biodiversity by implementing the actions set out in the Renfrewshire Biodiversity Action Plan, Renfrewshire Local Development Plan, and Renfrewshire Community Plan.

Read the Biodiversity Duty Report 2023. [5MB]

More information

Check these non-council resources for more information about biodiversity in Scotland and the UK:

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