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Private and voluntary nurseries and childminders

Contact details for private and voluntary nurseries and childminders providing early learning and childcare in Renfrewshire.

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Private and voluntary nurseries in Renfrewshire

These nurseries are funded by the council to provide fully funded early learning and childcare.

You can pay for additional hours or sessions, as well as your free 1140 hours, at these nurseries. Contact the the head of the nursery for more information.

3 Bears Nursery, Renfrew

87 Paisley Road
Renfrew PA4 8LH
Phone: 0141 561 0028
Manager: Fiona Lynch

Abbey Nursery

4 Thomas Street
Paisley PA1 2QT
Phone: 0141 848 5700
Manager: Vanessa Carson 

Abbey Houston Children's Nursery

South Street
Houston PA6 7ET
Phone: 01505 612 369
Manager: Michelle Rose 

Abbeymill Childcare

12 Seedhill Road
Paisley PA1 1JS
Phone: 0141 584 4206
Manager: Meg Batley

Bright Horizons Renfrew

C/o David Lloyd Club
Arkleston Road
Renfrew PA4 0RA
Phone: 0141 842 1370
Manager: Jaclyn Addison

Bright Starts Nursery

Barnsford Court, South Street
Inchinnan Business Park
Inchinnan PA4 9RJ
Phone: 0141 812 7625
Manager: Laura Grattan

Cairellot Nursery Limited

Greenock Road
Bishopton PA7 5AW
Phone: 01505 864 008
Manager: Rosemary Elliot

Carli's Kindergarten

2a Meadows Drive
Erskine PA8 7ED
Phone: 0141 812 6803
Manager: Susan Palmer

Carli's Kindergarten Linwood

33 Napier Street
Linwood PA3 3AJ
Phone: 01505 805228
Manager: Fiona Darkin

Carriagehill Nursery

5 Carriagehill Drive
Paisley PA2 6JG
Phone: 0141 889 9722
Manager: Heather Murphy

Carriagehill Nursery - Green Road

12-14 Green Road
Paisley PA2 9AB
Phone: 0141 848 5900
Manager: Fiona Brown

Erskine Community Nursery - Bargarran

Bargarran Community Centre
Bargarran Square
Erskine PA8 6BS
Phone: 07961 121 789
Manager: Suzanne Barr

Erskine Community Nursery - St. Anne's

c/o St Anne's Primary
Park Drive
Erskine PA8 7AE
Phone: 07762 722 514
Manager: Suzanne Barr

Glencoats Lodge Nursery

29 Blackstoun Road
Paisley PA3 1LU
Phone: 0141 848 7600
Manager: Danielle Thomson

Gleniffer Nursery

Floors Street
Johnstone PA5 8QS
Phone: 01505 342 053
Manager: Danielle McKinnon

Gryffe Manor Nursery

The Butts
Houston Road
Houston PA6 7BA
Phone: 01505 613 134
Manager: Vicki Garrett        

Happitots Erskine

Erskine Hospital Estate
Erskine PA7 5PU
Phone: 0141 812 2333
Manager: Natalie Newlands

Happitots Nursery

Glasgow Airport, Building 52
St Andrew's Crescent
Paisley PA3 2TQ
Phone: 0141 848 5911
Manager: Amanda Hunter

In Safe Hands

6 Albert Road
Renfrew PA4 8ET
Phone: 0141 886 3760
Manager:Gemma Williams

Inchinnan Community Nursery

Inchinnan Primary School
Old Greenock Road
Inchinnan PA4 9PH
Phone: 0141 812 6540
Manager: Lynne Burns

Jennyswell Nursery

Jennyswell Road
off Hawkhead Road
Paisley PA2 7BH
Phone: 0141 887 1930
Manager: Elaine Murray

Kilbarchan Community Nursery

Meadside Avenue
Kilbarchan PA10 2LA
Phone: 01505 704 839
Manager: Mairi McLean

Leaps and Bounds

23 Clarence Street
Paisley PA1 1PX
Phone: 0141 887 9955
Manager: Pauline Ronay

Lilliput Lane Nursery

29 Glasgow Road
Paisley PA1 3PA
Phone: 0141 889 9919
Manager: Anne McInnes

Linwood Community Childcare

Woodlands Primary School
Abernethy Drive
Linwood PA3 3EX
Phone: 01505 382 626
Manager: Julie Hughes

Little Flowers Nursery Ltd

46 Glebe Street
Renfrew PA4 8UA
Phone: 0141 886 6123
Manager: Julie Purdon and Catriona Johnston

Little Learners

29 Abercorn Street
Paisley PA3 4AL
Phone: 0141 849 1658
Manager: Jennifer Whyte

Little Panda's

53 Kilpatrick Drive
Erskine PA8 7AF
Phone: 0141 812 4002
Manager: Jennifer McNaughton

Little Stars Hillington

Earl Haig Road
Hillington Park
Glasgow G52 4LY
Phone: 0141 570 4080
Manager: Angela Fitzpatrick

Maxwellton Park Day Nursery

C/o West Primary School
Newton Street
Paisley PA1 2RN
Phone: 0141 889 9528
Manager: Elizabeth Williams

Mid Gavin Nursery

Beith Road
Howwood PA9 1DL
Phone:01505 843953
Manager: Gillian Peacock

Nursery Times

22 Neilston Road
Paisley PA2 6LN
Phone: 0141 848 9292
Manager: Jennifer Clark

Orchard Grove Nursery

12 Orchard Street
Paisley PA1 1UZ
Phone: 0141 889 2407
Manager: Kelly Walne

Puddle Lane ELCC

Edison Street
Hillington Park
Glasgow, G52 4JW
Phone: 0141 891 4411
Manager: Kelly Hegarty

Rainbow Nursery

Fullerton Street
Paisley PA3 2NN
Phone: 0141 840 4080
Manager: Alan Cunningham

Rivendale Nursery

Houston Road
Bridge of Weir PA11 3PX
Phone: 01505 610 611
Manager: Chloe Morrison

Stepping Stones Nursery

Baillie's Building, Unit 5
20 Thorn Brae
Johnstone PA5 8HE
Phone: 01505 325 226
Manager: Lorna Bradley

You can see the inspection reports for these providers at the Care Inspectorate website and Education Scotland website.

Childminders in Renfrewshire

These childminders are funded by the council to provide early learning and childcare.

We do not publish the addresses of childminders.

You can pay for additional hours or sessions, as well as your free 1140 hours, with these childminders. Contact the the head of the nursery for more information.

Carole's Kiddies (Carole McLachlan)

Erskine PA8
Phone: 0141 571 5737

Catherine Whyte

Erskine PA8
Phone: 07792546100

Catherine Young

Renfrew PA4
Phone: 0141 571 0270

Claire Crawford

Renfrew PA4
Phone: 0790 595 2651

Karen Chalmers

Renfrew PA4
Phone: 07714323599

Karen Finnie

Erskine PA8
Phone:0141 812 5424

Kelly Rix

Bishopton PA7
Phone: 01505 67 4290

Kerry Goudie

Renfrew PA4
Phone: 0141 885 1042

Little Rabbit (Malgorzata Kowalik)

Renfrew PA4
Tel: 07468573963