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Register a stillbirth

Make an appointment to register a stillbirth, who can register a stillbirth, what documents to bring with you, what documents we will give you, if you can't make your appointment.

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Make an appointment to register a stillbirth

You can register a stillbirth at any registration office in Scotland within 21 days. 

In Renfrewshire, we register stillbirths in Paisley, Renfrew and Johnstone at Renfrewshire House.

To register a stillbirth in Renfrewshire, you can make an appointment by calling us at 0300 300 0310 or emailing our registrar team at or

We are available by phone Monday to Thursday, 8.45am to 4:45pm and Friday from 8.45am to 3:55pm, except on public holidays.

In exceptional circumstances, for example, if the mother is ill or the father is unavailable, the registrar can arrange a short postponement.

Contact us if you need to arrange a short postponement of the registration. 

What you need to do if you have an appointment at Renfrewshire House

Who can register a stillbirth

If the parents are married to each other or in a civil partnership with each other, the still-birth can be registered by either the father or mother or second female parent.

If the parents are not married to each other, and the father/second female parent's name is to be entered into the register, he/she must attend along with the mother. 

If the birth is registered by the mother alone, the father/second female parent's details will not be shown unless he/she signs a statutory declaration in the presence of a local Councillor, Justice of the Peace or Notary Public.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, the process of certification has changed. Medical staff will ask for your contact details and ask which registration office you intend to deal with. They will pass these details along with the  the Certificate of Still-Birth, to the Registrar, copying you in. Once we have this form, we can start the registration process. The doctor or midwife will also post the hard-copy certificate to us.

What documents to bring with you

You should bring:

  • The certificate of still-birth (Form 6).
  • Full name and surname of the child (if the informant wishes).
  • Sex, date, place and exact time of still-birth of the child.
  • Mother's full name, maiden surname (if this applies), occupation and date of birth.
  • Father's/parent's full name, occupation and date of birth (if this applies).
  • Place and date of your marriage or civil partnership (if this applies).
  • Your marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate (if this applies).

If no certificate of still-birth (Form 6) is produced, the still-birth registration may go ahead after the qualified informant has completed a declaration as to still-birth (Form 7).

What documents we will give you

Following the registration, you will get:

  • A certificate of registration of still-birth (Form 8) for production to the burial ground keeper or crematorium where the burial or cremation is taking place.
  • If one of the parents registers the still-birth and requests it, a still-birth certificate, issued free of charge.

If you can't come to your appointment

If you can't make your appointment, please let us know. You can call us on 0300 300 0310 or email our registrar team at