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Register a birth

How to make an appointment to register a birth, who can register a birth, your appointment, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Make an appointment to register a birth

You should register the birth within 21 days if you can, or at the next available appointment after that.

You can make an appointment online to register the birth

If you can't book an appointment online, you can call us at 0300 300 0310.

We are available by phone: Monday to Thursday, 8:45am to 4:45pm and Friday from 8:45am to 3:55pm, except on public holidays.

You can pay by debit or credit card when you are booking your appointment, either online or over the phone.

Registration staff cannot accept any payments for registrations.

Appointments usually last around 15 minutes and are at:

Renfrewshire House
Cotton St

What you need to do if you have an appointment at Renfrewshire House

If your baby's birth took place outside Scotland, it must be registered in that country.

Who can register a birth

If the baby's parents are married to each other, or in a registered civil partnership with each other, either parent may register the birth.

If the baby's parents are not married to each other or in a registered civil partnership with each other, the mother must register the birth.

If the father or parent's name is also to be included on the registration documents, then both parents should attend the registrar's office together.

If this is not possible, please contact the registrar for advice on 0300 300 0310.

You can find out more about registering a birth on the National Records of Scotland website.

A child's parents are both given equal parental responsibilities and rights if both parents' names appear on the child's birth registration. 

More information is available in the Scottish Government publication 'Family Matters'.

Your appointment

When you come for your appointment, you should bring:

  • the birth registration card issued from the hospital or midwife
  • your marriage or civil partnership certificate, if you have one
  • your birth certificate(s), if you have them.

You should aim to arrive in time for your appointment and no earlier than five minutes beforehand.

Following the registration of the birth, you will get:

  • an abbreviated birth certificate, which is issued free of charge
  • a form (EC58) to register your child with a doctor

You can purchase a full birth certificate for £10.

It costs £15 for a full birth certificate if you ask for one more than a month after the registration. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment

If you arrange an appointment and you can't come, call us on 0300 300 0310 to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We can then give the appointment slot to someone else.